Preorder Nyxy's Creations Silk and Luna Preorder

Nov 4, 2019

    1. Hello everyone!
      Both Luna and Silk will be available for pre-order from October 31st to November 30th 2019!
      Silks will be $275 and Lunas will be $200 USD each plus shipping from Canada.
      As usual $10 from each Luna will be donated to bat conservation international.
      Dolls will be available in Pearl Brown, Dark Pearl Violet, Unique Blue and Black. Dolls will be cast by Haru Casting and will take about 6 months to be cast.
      Layaway will be available.
      Please contact me at [email protected] to place an order, at this point I only take PayPal!
      Thanks so much for all your support!
      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    2. How tall are each of these from the ground to the top of the head? What size eyes (for the main eyes) do they wear? Also, Silks appears to be white in your reference photos but won't be offered in white for this casting, correct?
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    3. Hello!
      Luna is 14cm tall with 12mm eyes. Silk is 14cm at her very highest but is usually closer to 12cm when standing. She takes 10mm large and 5mm small eyes and 5/6 wigs.
      You're right about the Silk in the picture, she is a light grey from the last pre-order but unfortunately that colour is not available this time around, it's just the best colour I had on hand to show the details of the blank sculpt.