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Oasisdoll 2011X-mas event(Discounts for all items and new It girl body released)

Dec 16, 2011

    1. Event finished,all items in this thread can be purchased in original price,thank you!

      Oasisdoll 2011X-mas event
      Discounts for all items
      New It girl body released!

      Event Period
      Dec.15th 2011-Jan.10th 2012

      Yaoyue/Linglan/Natalie renewal version
      Sculptor: Sarina.W


      Circumference of Head :
      Yaoyue 21.5cm(8.5 inch)
      Linglan 20cm(8.5 inch)
      Natalie 20cm(8.5 inch)
      Recommend eye size:16mm

      New it girl body(Double-Joined arms and Joinless ankle high-heel leg design)
      High:60cm (Normal feet)/62.5cm(High-Heel leg)
      Skin Type:Normal Skin
      Circumference of neck :9.4 cm
      Circumference of chest : 24.5cm
      Circumference of waist : 17.8cm
      Circumference of hips : 26.0cm
      Foot size : 7.0cm
      *All dolls are only released in normal skin




      New joinedless ankle high-heel leg design

      More photos:
      New It girl body

      Please read carefully before you make an order.

      Face up

      We provide default service similar as the photo above
      Price:$50 for each head

      For whole doll or doll body
      $50 by EMS to USA, other countries depends on your location.

      For doll head
      $16 by EMS to USA, other countries depends on your location.

      Only accept paypal payment, there are 4% paypal fee for the total amount you cost.

      How to make a valid order(important!)
      1.Email me(killbill) on DOA included such information:
      1)As the title Order Oasisdoll new It girl
      2)User name on DOA
      3)Ordering items(how many,with/without faceups)
      4)Your country and city(for calculating the post cost)
      5)Please note if you need a layaway project
      my email: jxy527@hotmail.com
      I will be in a trip from Dec 19th-Dec28th,the reply may have some delay during these days,sorry!

      2.I will email you back with such information:
      1)Your total cost
      2)Our paypal address
      3)Your payment this time

      3.You take the payment via paypal, the paypal massage include your DOA ID and please email me back with such information:
      1)You had made the paypal payment and your total cost
      2)Your paypal address
      3)Your true address(included telephone number please) to receive the dolls

      4.I will email you back to affirm your payment and order.

      5.A valid order come into being, and the doll will be send after about 60-75days

      6.I will email you at the first for the post number, please not pm/email me during your waiting days for asking the dolls, hope you can understand.

      Layaway project
      1.$100 for the earnest money, this money will not be return if you cancel the order.
      2.Pay the remainder money in 45days.
      3.Each payment needs 4% paypal fee.
      4.Layaway project also need to make a valid order, and please email me after you make each payment, each paypal massage please include your DOA ID.(jxy527@hotmail.com)
      5.The items will be send after about 60days after you complete the total payment.

      Thank you very much and Merry X-mas!
    2. 打9折 translates to 10% in english. Do you mean 10% discount instead?
    3. I'm a little confused too because the body/head combo gets around a 11% discount but the body alone gets a 13% discount. Do different things get different discounts?
    4. At least 10% discount for all items,the prices are as marked in the thread.Thank you.
    5. Could it be possible to see some posing pictures from the new body? I'm especially interested in the torso joint movements.
    6. Is layaway available for the heads as well, or is it only available for whole dolls?
    7. The earnest money for layaway is $100,if you order more than one head,you can have a layaway~
    8. Will this body be ever released in pretty rose white skin?
    9. Layaway changed from 2 months to 45 days.. will it remain like this forever or it is only because of the Xmas event? Thank you U_U
    10. Is it still possible to purchase the previous body?
    11. To Aatos:For now we only provide normal skin dolls.

      To Ziane:Yes this is just for the X-mas event.

      To Labeth:No,the previous body for it girls is discontinued.

      Thank you!
    12. I´m sorry if my question is already answered, the new body will be available separately only during the event period, or it will be available even after it?
    13. For now it only sold separately in the event period.Thanks.
    14. Would it be possible to have more comparison photos with the old Oasisdoll body? What are the main differences?
    15. Yes,the photo of comparison is here,
      The main differences is the double joinded arms and joinless ankles legs of the new body,and the slightly different body shape(more chubby).