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Oasisdoll Chic Girl Spring Fashion Limited Outfits and Accessories

Apr 6, 2011

    1. Oasisdoll Chic Girl Spring Fashion Limited Outfits and Accessories
      Fit for:Oasisdoll Chic Girl/volks sd16 girl

      Please read carefully before you make an order.

      Post by EMS
      Russia: $20
      Others depends on your location
      *If you order an Oasisdoll at the same time, outfits and accessories will be shipped with your doll.

      Only accept paypal payment, there are 4% paypal fee for the total amount you cost.

      How to make a valid order(important!)
      1.Email me(killbill) on DOA included such information:
      1)As the title Order Oasisdoll Outfits
      2)User name on DOA
      3)Ordering items(item number and how many)
      4)Your country and city(for calculating the post cost)
      my email: jxy527@hotmail.com
      *only this email is available for ordering,please not pm me for the ordering.

      2.I will email you back with such information:
      1)Your total cost
      2)Our paypal address
      3)Your payment this time

      3.You take the payment via paypal, the paypal massage include your DOA ID and please email me back with such information:
      1)You had made the paypal payment and your total cost
      2)Your paypal address
      3)Your true address(included telephone number please) to receive the outfits

      4.I will email you back to affirm your payment and order.

      5.A valid order come into being, and the outfits will be send in about 2 weeks,if you have an doll order at the same time, please wait about 45days,outfits will send with the dolls.

      6.I will email you at the first for the post number, please not pm/email me during your waiting days for asking the outfits, hope you can understand.

      Limited Items
      Model:Oasisdoll Chic girl Jessie
      More information for Jessie:Jessie
      High:62.5cm (Normal feet)/64.5cm(High-Heel feet)
      Skin Type:White Skin
      Circumference of Head : 20.0cm
      Circumference of neck :9.5 cm
      Circumference of chest : 26cm
      Circumference of waist : 18.5cm
      Circumference of hips : 28.0cm
      Foot size : 7.0cm

      1. PeachPuff silk-chiffon cocktail dress $60 sold out

      2. Silk-lace blouse and satin skirt suit(lace stockings included)$60

      3. PeachPuff ruffled silk gown $80sold out

      Black satin pump $60
      Black lace pump $60 sold out
      Lace and leather tote bag$35sold out
      Black Swarovski crystal leather clutch $30
      Bleach peach silk-chiffon flower leather clutch $30

      *Notice:Oasisdoll Jessie can stand by herself in the pumps, volks sd16 girl needs a doll-stand for standing in the pumps.

      More Photos:

      Thank you!