Update *Oasisdoll* Girl heads order re-open

Dec 26, 2019

    1. Yaoyue/Linglan/Naomi/Moli

      Circumference of Head: 21.5 cm
      Eye size:16 mm recommended
      Price:$120/One Head.
      (face-ups are not available to order)

      How to Order

      1. Email me ([email protected]) following information:

      1) As the title Order Oasisdoll
      2) Ordering items (what, how many)
      3) Your country and city (for calculating the post cost)

      2. I will email you back with:
      1) Your total cost
      2) Our paypal address
      3) Your payment this time

      3. Please Email me back about your payment info and your address (with telephone number) for receiving the dolls

      4. I will email you to confirm your payment and order.A valid order come into being, and the doll will be send out after about 75 days

      5. I will email you the post tracing number after the dolls are sent out, please do not email me during your waiting days for the progress, hope you could understand.

      Thank you for you time!

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    2. Will you ever have orders open for the body? I loved the bodies!
    3. The body is not available as this moment, we plan to upgrade it and release it in 2020.
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