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OasisDoll Natalie -

Jul 3, 2010

    1. I am so dead right now, I can't choose who I want to get!!! Natalie is stunning in your pics!

      Also loving Linglan as well, she is just adorable!
    2. Oh my, I really love the natalie on the right, with the red hair!! She looks stunning :D
    3. I'm totally smitten by these gorgeous girls especially Natalie. Forgive my ignorance, but can we still order directly from killbill or do we have to go through Elfdoll? I'm also perhaps a bit out of the loop, but is Natalie available to order yet?

      Thank you for any help.

    4. Jay- We have until the 31st of this month to order from Oasis Doll on Elf Doll's website, and I am truly loving this girl, but I still want Tedros too. I know if I get Natalie I can have another SD size girl to wear clothes and shoes, but I really could save on money too.........so many choices...so little time!
    5. Well, I don't know if you guys know yet, but Elfdoll has Natalie up for sale!!! I just placed my order for her...can't wait! I've been hoarding my $$ in paypal just waiting for her release, lol.
    6. EEEP! So excited!!! WillowRain--I was doing the same thing with Paypal and just ordered Natalie. I haven't wanted a doll for a while now. But when I saw Natalie's pictures I was a goner. I like it that Elfdoll has free shipping.

      Yippy skippy! Now the wait begins.

    7. I know! I was surprised to see the *free shipping*...loved that part :)
    8. Elfdoll registration is open again July 17 - Aug 17
    9. Natalie is gorgeous, but I'd really love to see Chaoyang be released. It was a boy sculpt with Asian features Sarina shown in a HK exhibition in 2009 (and since I saw the pics I'm in love with him -3-). Nobody has an info about Sarina realizing a boy someday?
    10. Just wondering, but isn't the promotional picture up there a Natalie on a male body? Pretty sure that's a Sarina-sculpted male body and if she's done the body, I'd say we might get the boy soon.

      Anyhoo, natalie! Was so happy to see her arrival. Now I just need to make some money/sell off some existing dolls to get her happening.
    11. Natalie is just wonderful! She might be the girl I've been looking for one of my characters!! So, so pretty, and I love her attitude! <3
    12. So Natalie isn't limited, it's just the Elfdoll ordering period that is the upcoming deadline?
    13. I think so, elfdoll says in the notice board that "All orders will be closed in August because Elfdoll's office is moving."

      And killbill never announced that either of the Oasisdoll dolls are limited, so I guess no need to worry :)

      I'm soooo in love with natalie now.... I just wish she has double jointed body, but that body is too lovely not to get!
    14. I'm kind of thankful it isn't a double jointed body. A lot of the time that leaves the doll with a very unnatural silouette to me.
    15. Did anyone's Natalie arrive yet? I really wanna see her with a different face-up. :)
    16. Wow she is stunningly pretty. I know alot of you are to young to remember but she looks a lot like the actress Natalie Wood. I once had the honor of meeting her shortly before she passed away and this doll gave me chills when I saw it. It isn't a look alike but has her quality of classic beauty. Hope she is still available when I am done with my other layawakes!
    17. Natalie is gorgeous, definitely on my want--no, must have list. And yes, the body is just perfect. I am going to order one for my June when ordering opens up in September at Elfdoll.
    18. One day Natalie will be mine. She sent shivers over me when I first saw her long before her release and she still does. Don't like the wig they've got her in on the Elfdoll site, though.
    19. I think I will get her when she becomes available again, but I would love to see her in a different wig than what is on the website.