Preorder *Oasisdoll* TianQing & ZiLan 1/3 Boy Heads

Sep 4, 2019

    1. Hi everyone,
      Haven't seen you for a while, today I bring two new boys to join the Oasisdoll's family!:3nodding:

      Oasisdoll Special Order

      Tian Qing & Zi Lan 1/3 Boy Heads.

      Name: (Tian Qing)and 紫岚(Zi Lan)

      Circumference of Head: 21.5 cm

      Neck diameter: 3.3 CM

      Eye size:14 mm recommended

      Fit body: Volks SD17/ Volks SDgr boy/Dollshe 18M or similar measurement boys

      Price:$150/One Head.

      How to order:

      Tian Qing

      Zi Lan

      Thank you!
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    2. Hello, is it possible to see more photos of Tian Qing & Zi Lan?
    3. Is there a time limit on the preorder? :)
    4. Join our fb group Oasisdoll to see more.

      Around 3 weeks, the order may close earlier if the number is up. We will have official sale when the boys are totally ready.
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    5. The neck diameter seems too small for Dollshe 18M Maxi neck (which is reported to be compatible). Do you have photos of a head on this body? Also with faceups?
    6. Hi everyone,
      The pre-order is almost up to the quantity limit, and will be closed on 18th Sep. I will update the faceup and head on body photos when they turn to the resin version. Thank you very much for your supports!
    7. @killbill will there be other preorders? I can't order until I see faceups. Is there a computer mock up?
    8. Yes, you can wait till they have face-ups, we will have the official sale that time.
    9. Will it be heads or complete dolls?