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Oasisdoll Yaoyue Released!

Aug 31, 2009

    1. 瑶玥(Yaoyue)means Jade in our country China.
      &#20113;&#24819;&#34915;&#35059;&#33457;&#24819;&#23481;&#65292;&#26149;&#39118;&#25282;&#27099;&#38706;&#21326;&#27987;&#12290;&#33509;&#38750;&#32676;&#29577;&#23665;&#22836;&#35265;&#65292;&#20250;&#21521;&#29814;&#21488;&#26376;&#19979;&#36898;&#12290; -----&#26446;&#30333;<&#28165;&#24179;&#35843;&#35789;&#19977;&#39318;>

      Here is her discussion thread on DOA included her detailed information and more show pictures.

      Sculptor: Sarina.W
      Work date: Jan 2008-Jun 2008
      Skin Type&#65306;Normal Skin
      Circumference of Head : 21.5cm (8.5 inch)
      Circumference of neck : 9.2 cm
      Circumference of chest : 24.5cm
      Circumference of waist : 17.5cm
      Circumference of hips : 26.0cm
      Foot size : 6.9cm
      Recommend eye size:16mm

      Resin match: same as elfdoll resin and very similar to volks recently new skin resin.
      *Yaoyue is only released in normal skin.


      Please read carefully before you make an order.

      Included: Doll(normal hands and feet),without faceup
      A plus pair of fist hands
      A plus pair of high-heel feet
      A pair of glass eyes(dark brown)
      A set of underwear
      (pictures as follow)
      *All dolls do not have faceup and we can provide faceup service as follow
      *The dolls do not sell separatelly in any parts

      $40 by EMS to USA, other countries depends on your location.

      Only accept paypal payment, there are 4% paypal fee for the total amount you cost.

      How to make a valid order(important!)
      1.Email me(killbill) on DOA included such information:
      1)As the title Order Yaoyue
      2)User name on DOA
      3)Ordering items(how many)
      4)Your country and city(for calculating the post cost)
      5)Please note if you need a layaway project
      my email: jxy527@hotmail.com
      *Only this email is available for ordering Yaoyue,please not pm me for the ordering.

      2.I will email you back with such information:
      1)Your total cost
      2)Our paypal address
      3)Your payment this time

      3.You take the payment via paypal, the paypal massage include your DOA ID and please email me back with such information:
      1)You had made the paypal payment and your total cost
      2)Your paypal address
      3)Your true address(included telephone number please) to receive the dolls

      4.I will email you back to affirm your payment and order.

      5.A valid order come into being, and the doll will be send after about 30days,if you order face-up,please wait more about 15-20days.

      6.I will email you at the first for the post number, please not pm/email me during your waiting days(about 30days)for asking the dolls, hope you can understand.

      Layaway project
      1.$100 for the earnest money, this money will not be return if you cancel the order.
      2.Pay the remainder money in 2 month&#65292;half of the remainder per month.
      3.Each payment needs 4% paypal fee.
      4.Layaway project also need to make a valid order, and please email me after you make each payment, each paypal massage please include your DOA ID.(jxy527@hotmail.com)
      5.The items will be send after about 30-45days after you complete the total payment.

      Face-up Service
      *Our face-up service only for Oasisdolls.
      *eyelashes are included
      *We only provide default face-up similar in the below photo
      Work period:15-20days

      Fist hands

      High-hell feet



      Thank you!
    2. killbill, can you please provide an email address that people can contact you through to place orders, rather than using the DoA PM system.

      I have moved this thread from the Marketplace to News as the Marketplace is for members selling and buying their dolls. killbill is a rep for Oasisdoll and taking preorders for dolls in a retail capacity.
    3. Hi, I was wondering if i could swap the girl body for the boy(Chaoyang)'s body if i order?
    4. hello, I would like to know if is a limited released, and how long we have to order her. If I wanted to make the first payment in october, then november and then december to have it in january would be possible?
    5. she's so pretty! do you happen to have a website?
    6. Is the camera available for purchase separately?
    7. Will be more preorders in a future?
    8. Hey guys!
      1)She's not a limited doll.
      2)We will open the website in the near future!
      3)You can purchase the camera or the outfit separatelly!

      Face-up service updated.
      Sorry for the changes!

      Thank you so much!
    9. Is it possible to order heads or bodies separately?
    10. yrdin_y_luna - under the first pic in the pricing info, it says none of the parts are sold seperately :(
    11. Are you planning to release the heads separately at a later time? She's really beautiful.
    12. Hello,
      Sorry to tell we do not have plan recently to sell the head separately this year.:)
      Thank you so much.

    13. Hi! Would you be able to do resin comparisons please? :3
    14. I would also like to know what resins they match.
      I love this girl!
    15. Hello everyone,
      Resin match: same as elfdoll resin and very similar to volks recently new skin resin.
      Thank you for your attention!

    16. hi do you have plans for a dreaming/sleeping yaoyue?
    17. Here's a resin comparison photo (kindly taken by Kittymaru since I LEFT MY CAMERA AT HOME LIKE AN IDIOT):


      Resin comparison. Hand on left: CP NS (2005). Hand on right: Oasis Doll Yayoue (2009). Leg: Volks Yo-SD (2008)

      My one and only 'complaint' about this doll is that her body (not face) is a bit shiny -- but I'm going to give her a quick coat with the Zoukei-Mura powder-finish spray, and I think she'll be fine -- I've run into this issue before, and a quick go-over with a sanding sponge or a coating will fix it easily.

      She's heavy and beautifully-made and well-engineered, and I'm quite impressed with her!

      A few more pics:



      (The two below were taken by Kittymaru)



      She looks good next to Aislinn (CP Lishe), even though Aislinn has much more stylized features.

      I'm totally in love with Mira!

      -- A :kitty2
    18. The original post has a link to a discussion thread here on DOA that has progress pics and body photos.
    19. Ashebet:Thank you for sharing!I love the way you dress her.

      Fukurou:Thank you for reply!:)

      fayerie:We do not have such a plan now.Thanks.
    20. Do you plan to release her in white skin? ^^