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Obitsu 50cm Body Doll

Oct 7, 2010

    1. I new and I hope I'm in the right trend.

      I'm planning to buy my first large doll and I've set my eyes on the Obitsu Dolls to start off with. I was loofing arround and found the Obitsu 50cm Doll. As mentiond in the official Obitsu Site ''this is not a BJD'' which was kinda confusing since it looked like one.


      Now there are so many questions bugging me :?

      • What kind of head could fit this doll? would a 60cm obitsu fit?
      • If I were to buy a wig for it, would I buy a 1/3 wig? Do I need to alter it?
      • What kind of eyes would I buy? And what size? 20mm?
      • How do you attach the eye? Do you need a holder like the one in the 60cm?
      If some one owns a 50cm Obitsu, could you show me how to put in the eyes? or even show me the internal structure of the head?

      I was keen on buying a 60cm Obitsu, but looking at the joints of the 50cm one i felt that the 50cm was much more flexible than the 60cm one. The frame looks like a Perfect Grade Gundam thou.:doh

    2. :) I know Haruka heads fit on this body wonderfully, and Haruka wears a size 8 wig. I think she has 16mm eyes.
    3. I just got my obitsu 60 cm, ( with Gretel head) tonight!! My first doll. She is wonderful. Order from Junky spot, you'll get her so fast!! They are wonderful to deal with. She came with a default head.
    4. I ordered the Obitsu 50cm today, and I'll be expecting it in a few days. Ok I'll go for a 16mm eyes as well. If anyones got information regarding this doll. it would be a big help. :D
    5. Parabox http://www.parabox.jp/eng/ has a lot of info on obitsu dolls. They have some tutorials on how to put eyes in, and are pretty clear on what size eyes and wigs go with the different heads. They are also pretty good at answering questions on their forum.
    6. Here is a selection of different heads on the 50cm obitsu body. Here and here you can see the wig and eye size for those heads. Here is the wig and eye size for the default head, if you scroll down a ways to that specific combination.

      Hope this is helpful! The 50cm obitsus are really great dolls. They pose excellently, have magnet feet, are nice and sturdy, and have a nice skin texture, too.
    7. I think the reason it's not a "BJD" is because of how it's held together. What makes a BJD isn't just the ball-joints, or else those little anime figures would be on-topic. It's the fact that they are resin pieces strung with elastic and articulated with ball-joints. See this thread for details on what is an on-topic doll to discuss here. This doll is "grandfathered in," so it's not off-topic, but it's a good list as to what is considered a BJD. :)
    8. A fine choice.
      I have one or two (or eight) of them so I have a little experience with the stock 50cm and its variants.

      Meh. It sort of depends on how exactly you wish to define "Ball Joint Doll". If you wish to refer to them as BJDs few people will object.

      Most of these questions are relative to the head you are using. I believe the default head (shown in your picture) takes a 7-8 wig and 16 or 18mm eyes. The default head has molded in pockets that will hold most eyes, no putty required.

      As pointed out by frankt and Tira-chan, Parabox is an excellent reference for Obitsu information, parts, etc.

      If you get a vinyl head from Parabox, you will probably be looking at this:
      Scroll down to the internal head shots. They show the eye pockets and the neck connection.

      The big improvement in the 50cm over the older 60cm is the elbow and knee joints, which use a design similar in principle to the 60cm's double friction joints. The 50cm nearly matches the 60cm friction joints in range of motion, but retains the better aesthetics of the ball style joints.

      Another thing to note is that the Obitsu 50cm is slimmer that the Obitsu 60cm and a lot of clothing made for MSDs will fit the 50cm. The 50cm is taller than most MSDs so sleeves and pant legs will be too short, but that doesn't matter for a lot of fashions.
    9. Excellent choice. Of all the bodies, resin and vinyl, the 50 cm Obitsu is my favorite. It's beautiful and amazingly posable. I also have one or two or three.....
      Also, you can put smaller SD heads on them- I have my ShinyDoll Nanae on a 50 cm body and it is a perfect fit:

      Gunj (in mask)- Shinydoll Nanae on 50 cm Obitsu body. Behind her with the long dark hair is Alice- haruka head on Obitsu 50 cm.
    10. HELP ... I can't seem to take the head off of the neck attachment .... It's got this weird spring that looks locked in place. I manage to take the head off with the neck but I don't know how to change the head. :( it has no instructions and I don't want to mess around with something I don't know.

      Ohh yeah I finally got my 50cm in the post the other day.
    11. Congrats!

      Did you get the head off of the neck piece yet?

      Use your trusty hair dryer to warm the head up on the inside with the head cap off and pull the neck piece out, up or down (which ever way works for you).
    12. Yep, use that hair dryer. It's amazing how the vinyl softens up when warm, then hardens again when cool. We want pictures? Are you using the default head or did you get another one?
    13. [​IMG]

      ATM im still waiting for the wig and a few accesories. im practicing to do face up with a ping pong ball ..... and yes im planning to use the original head for the meantime. I love how the eye pockets are easy to fit the eyes with out the eye putty .... i bought the eye holder that i didnt really need unless i get a new head.

      So you just need to pull the head out (once heated up)? it dosent requre any sort of lock like the 60cm?
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    14. Soooooo cute!!! The original head is nice in its own right. You might want to consider keeping it.

      You just heat it up and then kind of gently rock it off. It will come back into shape after it cools. Vinyl has memory.

      Seriously though...I like that head. Yeah it looks a little alien now but it's designed to be an Anime kind of head.

      And to NevarStar: all modern Obitsu heads have eye pockets. However, there is one drawback to eye pockets: you will need eye putty if the eyes are slightly smaller than the eye pocket. There is real variation in "16mm" eyes...the Souldoll Bling 16mm eye is too big by far than the eye pockets in a modern Gretel, and the Ersa Flora 16mm is a wee bit small for a 16mm eye, so you need to add a little putty.
    15. oh i see thanks! XD cause i saw a head called Angela head.. and i think they dont have eye pockets.. but after reading your post i just ordered the 65cm female obitsu ><
    16. @dollcumentary - yeah I was planning to use the original head for a more anime look and have another head for a proper dollfie look. It still all depends on my budget this month and for the months to come.

      Nevarstar - wow 65cm I really want to get one of those but still recovering from my currurent order. But dont worry about eye pockets coz obitsu also sells eye holders which holds most eyes sizes with out eye putty.
    17. @ K-2! : Oh! the new neck piece seems hard to use @_@

      @ Knives : i fall in love with the 65cm body, and Gretel head with elf ears. Ah! so obitsu holds most eye size without eye putty.. i did have this fear.. since my smaller obitsu have gotten it before. Diff eye size and the eyes go bobbing up and down inside >< and that got me abit worried.
    18. If the eyes are too small for the eye pockets, a little bit of putty will do the trick. The problem is when the "16mm" eyes you bought are too BIG for the eye pockets. No fix for that other than cutting the eye pockets out and using putty to hold them in. Or going with another pair, which I wound up doing with my Obitsu "new Gretel" girl Mitzi.