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Obitsu 60cm boy

Jul 27, 2009

    1. Now there IS such a thing as a 60cm boy from the Obitsu company! It is a hybrid of two of their doll versions, you can even purchase the hybrid boy direct instead of having to buy the two dolls. You take the torso of the 55 boy and stick it with the legs and arms of a 60cm girl! Just found it on their site!! With Obitsu's new "ball joint" doll model/sculpt, this is also the closest doll to a Volks Dollfie Dream boy version that has yet to hit the market.


      " 60cm boy body
      Parabox provides its exclusive boy body using the 55cm Obitsu boy body (for upper body) and 60cm Obitsu female body (for legs)."

      For those that aren't familiar with the Obitsu brand:
      The center doll is the male created from the 55cm torso and 60cm legs in the "ball joint" model, this is the one I am talking about. The right is the 55cm standard, and the left is Obitsu type A hard body with 55cm boy chest plate.
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