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Obitsu General Discussion - Part Three (60cm, 55cm, 50cm and 47cm)

Oct 14, 2016

    1. That worked! :D It wasn't easy - I almost had to boil the forearms. If I let the water to cool down for a few minutes, the vinyl couldn't get soft enough. I had to boild water three times.

      As my expression of gratitude please accept this freshly taken picture of Isabelle :) It's refreshing seeing her being so girly and sweet ^_^

      [​IMG]Ruby eyes by Mysha, on Flickr

      -------- Added info --------

      Obitsu website: English : Obitsu Plastic Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

      DoA Wiki: Obitsu
      DoA Database: Obitsu

      Previous discussion thread:
      *Part Two
      #1 Mysha, Oct 14, 2016
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    2. @Mysha , she is so sweet! May I aks, which head wears she?
    3. Thank you ^^ She's Dollfie Dream Saber Extra.
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    4. Sorry it was so much work for you @Mysha ! I'm glad it worked out.
      Isabelle is very beautiful! I love her hair. :aheartbea
    5. I really appreciate your help @AlisonVonderland! And it's good to know that vinyl takes no damage in boiling water. I hope it will be helpful for stains removal.

      Isabelle came a long way from being a black knight to a white queen is a short time. Here are some images from last week.

      Ruby Queen
      by Mysha, on Flickr



      A bonus NSFW photo ;)
      #5 Mysha, Oct 20, 2016
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    6. Muahaha, the body parts have arrived! She will have arms soon :-) I am not yet sure about the proportion of the Ai-chan head on the 60body... However, as I snatched what I think a DD head along with a Haruka head from classified ads, there will be no want for heads ;-) cannot wait for the heads to arrive!
      (...sometimes I think I only buy things so I can wait for mail ^^“)
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    7. She looks amazing i love the datk blue shade of hair
    8. Managed not to maim my hands too terribly installing the new ellbows, underarms, and wrists... and neck piece. Oh, the neck piece. Had to "unscrew" the 40 neck piece in order to get it out. I did not change the eyes after that, even though in the long run, she'll get other eyes again ;) Meet Momo on her new body (Obitsu60 ball jointed type)!

      [​IMG]Momo body evolution by Samseramsamsam, auf Flickr

      Made her a new sweater to make up for the "torture" ;)
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    9. Oh I feel your pain assembling the body, @samseramsamsam ;) But Momo turned out cute and her eyes are really lovely :)
    10. I still want a Hime-Ane! She'll have to wait until 2018, though. Oh, and I can I get some Hime-Ane spam?
    11. Just placed an order for my very first Obitsu girl (of any scale) this evening! She's the 48 cm one. I just love her default head; it's exactly the shape that I wanted! I also ordered her two wigs, the 18 mm DIY eyes from Junkyspot, and a bunch of art supplies to paint her face/eyes. (I already have some spare fabric at home that I'm going to sew her first outfit from.)

      My girl and her supplies are all going to arrive very soon, but I'm going to have to wait until my birthday on November 11th in order to unbox and play with her - I spent all my birthday money on her so she'll be the highlight of my day!

      Although, I have to say that my anxiety levels have gone down considerably now that I've actually placed the order. The 48 cm obitsu girl was on sale for a very good price at JunkySpot and I was worried that they'd either end the sale or run out of stock, but in the end I was able to get her. Needless to say I'm the happiest "doll mom" in the world right now! :D
    12. Congratulations!
      If you have any questions about the Obitsu body just ask, we're here to help.
      We expect pictures.
    13. Thanks K-2! :XD: I'm going to pic spam the heck out of her once she arrives and gets all decked out in her new faceup, clothes and wigs! She's going to be the most spoiled out of all of my dolls!
    14. Does anybody know which Obitsu / Parabox heads wear 8/9 inch wigs? I have Mafuyu and wanted to get her a friend with the same head size.
    15. Here's the Parabox head/wig chart:
      Parabox original wigs
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    16. Thank you so much @K-2! I don't know how I missed that but I sure did!
    17. It seems Parabox moves the stuff on their site around monthly. It can make keeping track of things there challenging.
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    18. My girl was originally going to arrive today, but the delivery got pushed back to Halloween. While I am slightly disappointed that I'll have to wait 3 more days, I do think having a Halloween doll is pretty neat.

      If she really does arrive on Halloween, I'll have to give her an appropriate name. Some famous Halloween-themed female dolls are Tiffany (Child's Play series), Annabelle, and Sally (Nightmare Before Christmas). Or I could give her a Halloween name that's unrelated to dolls, such as Samara (The Ring) or Emily (Corpse Bride).

      (Funny thing, when I suggested naming my doll after the titular Corpse Bride, my dad joked that my doll is a "Mail Order Bride". :sweat)
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    19. Yes, their site navigation can feel a tad confusing. But I thought I was just imagining the changes. :whee:
      Well, according to the chart of course Mafuyu has to be the largest head they make. But I ordered the designer head (I'll cut her eye holes out) and see if she looks good with Mafuyu.

      Sorry to hear your doll got delayed by 3 days! I think that would be awesome to give her a name in honor of Halloween!
    20. Thanks! At least if I named her in honor of Halloween, I'd never forget her birthday! :whee:
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