obitsu male by seedring

Apr 19, 2006

      that is the website has anyone seen this doll in person can anyone read what is on there. I am intersted in owning a head from there but cant get much info so hopefully someone on here can shed some light. hope i put this in the right section.
    2. I wonder also... I'd like to order the body also. I checked Junkyspot but they only have the female body ;.;
    3. I'm not on the Junkyspot forums so much, but I think I remember reading that there would be a new complete male body coming out. Maybe this doll is a first glimpse of it. If it's like the Haruka head was was they'll be a lot of waiting and speculation before we ever see anything in English.

      Right now it is possible to get the male optional chest on junkyspot - that's
      how my Luke got a body.

    4. Couldn't you buy one with a normal buying service? He costs ¥59,800 and there is no extra charge for shipping within mainland Japan. You can pay by normal Japanese bank transfer (furikomi), which I am sure buying services would handle. He comes with: black fur wig, grey Glastic 12mm eyes, coat, pants, gloves, boots, steel plate.

      Edit: For just buying a head, the shipping charge would be ¥315, for a total of ¥5,315. It comes with eyes in your choice of red, green or blue and will take 3 weeks to make.
    5. ooo yum! What a great face!

      Maybe that male body is close!
    6. this body and head was made for private sale. i dont know if they take international sales yet. but that is a good idea finding a buying service to.
    7. Every time I see that head I'm just floored. I love the mold - he makes me think very strongly of someone or something, and I'm not sure WHAT.
    8. I really want to know more about this too, he looks fantastic!
    9. okay a memeber on the junkyspot forum has one i am trying to see how she got it . but seriously if anyone can get this doll email me.
    10. Does the junkyspot member you mention want to sign up with DoA? I'd love it if they'd post pictures of him here! He's such a cool doll and I've never seen any owner pics. At one point I was put a lot of thought into buying him but he's just shy of being right for one of my characters.:( I almost bought him anyway.

      If you decide to get him, please let me know when you post photos. :)
      there are her photos i see if she is a memember here. ya i am still looking to buy one so i am trying to see how she got hers. this is a obitsu and seedring collaboration much like the haruka doll was. Obitsu to my knowelege does not carry this doll from what i was abel to find out i am still looking for info he is shorted then 60cm as well.
    12. Wow Datumzine,
      That is one great guy. Thanks for sharing the links.
    13. Yah, I am a member here too! Those are my pics of my boy and I love him to bits.

      The face is spectacular but I love the moulding of the body so much too, he has "knobbly" kneecaps and they've moulded him tendons in the back of his ankles. It feels like they've put lots of thought into how they wanted him to look.:sumomo:
    14. What a fabulous asian face he has! Wonderful! ~~Lin

    15. If you have time, please post some pictures of him in the Gallery, I love him to death and would like to be able to look at him from time to time!:)
    16. I'll get onto it, promise!
    17. He reminds me of The Sandman. Or is that just me?

      With that said, he has a such a different feel to him compared to other dolls I've seen... WOW.