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Obitsu Neck Pieces

Jul 31, 2009

    1. Hi everyone,

      I'd like to hear your opinions of both the old and new neck pieces for the 1/3 Obitsu dolls.

      My boy came with the new neck piece already attached, but I ordered the old one as well to keep my options open. I'll be modifying a head from another company instead of using an Obitsu head sculpt, so I wasn't sure which one would fit better. After all of his parts arrived, I was able to examine the pieces more effectively, and decided that either neck piece will work with proper modification. The only thing I have to decide now is which one to use!

      I've heard that the new neck piece has more poseability, but its application is very intimidating to me. Heating up the vinyl, stretching it over a giant plastic ring, and clamping it down makes me a little uneasy - especially since I don't have an extra head to practice with! I've also heard horror stories of the head rolling off on occasion. Do I really want to risk my doll's ONLY head for some extra poseability? You tell me.

      Another thing to consider is that I'll have to take of my doll's head now and then to change his clothing. Having to heat up the vinyl each and every time I want to change his shirt doesn't sound like fun to me. I know there are other clothing alternatives like velcro, zippers, or snaps, but I'm not skilled enough to add these things to clothing - I'm lucky I can make a regular pull-over shirt, haha! Besides, I prefer the look of pull-over shirts over ones that fasten in the back/front. A scoop/wide neck is an option, but I don't want EVERY shirt of his to have a large neck opening.

      Although it seems like I've already decided on the old neck piece, there's one more thing to consider. The old neck piece requires me to cut a larger, elongated hole in the head, which I'd rather not do if the new neck piece is in fact, better.

      Sorry for the novel. What I really want to ask you guys is this...

      Which neck piece do you prefer and why?

      Details, details, details!

      Thanks DoA! :aheartbea
    2. Where are all of you Obitsu lovers? I know you're out there! :whee:
    3. Am I in the wrong section? :sweat
    4. I had an Obitsu 60cm with the old neckpiece and now have a 50cm with the new one (I think it's simular to the one you have, just a bit shorter).

      I really hate the new neckpiece. XD
      The old one was so nice cause I like to repaint the head often and I could just detach it from the body in a matter of seconds. Not so easy with the new one. ^^;
      Maybe I should shorten an old neckpiece and look if it fits the 50cm body.

      Don't worry about the head rolling off. I don't think it's likely to be happen. :) At least not with the Obitsu heads. Not 100% sure about heads of other companies. XD

      Not sure if that was any help to you. ^^;
    5. Looks like I was. Sorry for the trouble, moderators! :aheartbea

      Thanks for your input! It was especially helpful since you've actually owned both neck pieces at one time or another. I didn't know that the 50cm body had a different neck piece than the others. I know the 55cm and 60cm boys have the same neck piece because their torso is the same. I'm not sure if it's different for the girls.

      Still hoping for more opinions though! I'd like to hear as many as possible by Wednesday, since that's when I plan on modifying his head.
    6. Anyone else?
    7. I didn't realise there was a new neck piece. My obitsu girl has the old one and it works quite well. I had a look at the site and I think you are looking at the new neck piece a little wrongly. From the pictures, they intend for you to heat up the neck on the body and pull the neck piece out of the body. Not stretch the head over the bulb.
    8. At http://parabox.jp/eng/obitsu/head01.html you can see how the neckpieces are attached. :)

      The problem I have with the new one is that is doesn't come off of the head easy once it is attached and so you have to heat up the neck everytime you want to remove the head.
      At the old one you can just twist those little thingy in the head and take the head of.

      The new one let's the head move to the site a bit more tho. :)
      Seems that the important question is how often one wants to take the head off when it comes to deciding which neckpiece is the best.
    9. A forum-friend of mine has the new neck piece and explained in detail how the head is supposed to be attached. If you notice the images provided on the site, the head is already attached to the neck piece. Whether or not you pull the neck piece out from the body to remove your doll's head doesn't change the fact that in order for the head to attach to the piece initially, it must at some point, be heated, stretched over the ring, then clamped down between the pieces. Obitsu usually does this for you, but the new 60cm boy didn't come with a head. In other words, I have to do it myself. My problem is not the neck piece attaching to the body, it's the head attaching to the neck piece.

      I've seen those images before. They show you how to remove the head from the body, but show absolutely no pictures of the head being attached to the neck piece itself. Good one, Parabox. :sweat

      Yeah, that's what I'm worried about.

      How much better is the poseability, really? I've seen dolls with the old neck piece pose just as nicely. How different is it exactly?
    10. I haven't modified the head yet. I'm hoping to tackle it tonight, if anyone else has some input. :)
    11. All finished! I decided to go with the old neck piece after all. I'll be sure to post pictures soon! Thanks guys. :)
    12. Hello
      I have Obitsus with both the new round neck piece and the old neck piece. I find changing the heads on the new one very easy, you heat it up with a hairdryer and the vinyl becomes very flexi for a short time then hardens off. I have found both to be as good as each other but if you need to remove the head often the old peice where you clamp the head in is more reliable than than the new plus you dont need to have a hairdryer handy when you take off the head. I have had a head roll off as I did not clamp the head on correctly but if the head is put on right it doesnt have much problem.

      I did not find much difference in the poseability of each, the new piece does roll a little easier but on the whole I did not find a massive improvement by using it!!

      On my 55cm Boy Obitsu I changed his factory head to an AOD Jimmi head, I had a choice of either cut the Jimmi head hole larger to fit him on the old style neck peice or file the neck peice down in case I ever wanted to use my Jimmi head as he should be on a strung body. I decided to file down the neck piece instead of cutting my head. It took a long time and was a slow process but I found that if I ever want to use my head on the orginal strung body I can.

      Hope this helps
    13. Hello
      Forgot to add the neck peices in the girls 60cm body are the same as the 55cm Boys!! there is no difference in them as I have interchanged them before
      best wishes
    14. I have a 47 cm obitsu body and it has that crazy new kneckpiece. I have no experience with the old piece,but I know for a fact that it has to be better than this new one. It honestly scared me to death,but I figured out how to remove it. So you can buy an old kneck piece and change it out? Heating anything up sounds terrifying!
    15. I have 47cm too. And I wanted to put a resin head on her. I removed the neck piece (just pulled it out) and build a neck piece out of bits of electrical tubing using a glue gun and a big wooden bead to make the rounding on the neck. It's not as good as putting a resin head on a resin body, but 't will serve.
    16. I have two obitsu dolls, one with the old neck piece and one with the new neck piece. This is probubly just my problem, but I couldn't figure out the new neck piece and my dolls head fell off if you moved it to much.
    17. It's possible you don't have the head pulled far enough onto the knob. It should be sitting between the knob and the top of the neck. Worth a check, anyway.
    18. I can't give an opinion on the new neck piece, but the old one is very easy to use. I have a full obitsu using the old neckpiece, and I've used an obitsu body with two resin heads. The only time there was an issue getting a head on was with my B&G Sandra head, because the slot to pull the S-hook through was too narrow to for the tab on the neck mechanism. However, that's an easy fix, as it just takes widening the slot on the head. I've had no issues with heads falling off or any other trouble.
    19. I love the new neckpiece. Yeah, once a head's on it's on for life, but that's actually a feature and not a bug. I hate the old neckpiece, but then again that old neckpiece did not have the lock washer, so my doll was auto-decapitating all the time. Swapped out the old piece for the newtype one, and it's awesome.
    20. Ahhh, the new style Obitsu Neck Piece.

      This is my take on the New Neck Piece:


      My opinion? I have over a dozen 1/3 (SD scale) Obitsus in all sizes, from the 47cm to the 65cm and all four Yamato VMF50 variants. Only two of them currently have the old style neck piece (the 47cm and the 60cm) and I will no doubt eventually get around to swapping those to the new style neck piece. Overall, the new style neck piece (once seated properly) seems to hold better and interferes less with those few pairs of eyes that have stalks. If I have to take someone's head off, I usually end up leaving the neck piece on the head and pull the head and neck piece out of the body. This can be done without heating. Squeeze the head just above where the neck goes into the head (so the neck piece stays with the head) and pull up firmly. Twisting may help. It is much easier to reinstall the neck piece in the body than to reinstall the neck piece in to the head. Just reverse and repeat the removal procedure.

      And as far as heating vinyl parts with a hair dryer, don't be afraid. You're only warming them up with the hot air, not heating then to the point where the vinyl melts. For most parts it only takes 20-30 seconds to soften the vinyl to a more pliable state. As it cools it will firm up again. Just don't point your hair dryer at your doll's face. If you're working on that neck piece, point the dryer up at the back of the neck from behind and below the head (after removing the wig).
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