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Obitsu/Parabox 40-47 cm Alice, Angela, etc.

Jan 28, 2008

    1. Mod Note...
      This is now a discussion thread for Obitsu/Parabox 40 to 47cm Vinyl dolls
      Alice, Megu, Sheba, Angela, Gretel heads etc.,


      I finally got my Parabox Angela from Junkyspot and thought I would post pictures of her. She's much prettier in real life than in the pictures- she has a very sweet face. I'm not sure I would actually call her a mini- in scale she is more like a short 1/3 scale child.

      With a 60 cm Obitsu Gretel modded to 57 cm.
    2. Wow! She's really cute. I've been looking at her often and wondering if I want to add her as a companion to my 60 cm Obitsu. The Angela head looks larger than the Gretel head. . . Am I correct? Do you think the Gretel head would fit on the 47 cm body? Does the 55 cm body look more immature? You are using the 55 cm as a girl doll, right? She look great, too. I prefer the immature bodies right now.

      I've been comparing the size of the 47 cm w the 60cm original and I believe I read that her thighs are larger on the 47 cm. I think that's kinda strange. . .shorter with larger thighs.

      Thanks so much for sharing the pics. They are awesome and I know you're going to enjoy her.
    3. Hi there- I'll try to answer your questions. The Angela head is slightly larger than the Gretel head (like, by one centimeter around). Yes, the Gretel head would fit on this body- all the heads are interchangeable with all the bodies from what they say at the Parabox site.
      This doll is with the 47 cm body, which is immature. The Gretel she is pictured with at the end is a 60 cm doll that I modded down a few centimeters by removing some slices from her ankles and thighs. She is still quite a bit taller than the 47, though.
      The 55 cm body is a more masculine body, although you can always switch the torso out on any of the bodies.
      The thighs on the 47 cm body are a bit bigger, which sounds weird and seems to look a bit odd at first, but when she is dressed it makes perfect sense. It just makes her body look more like a little girl body with all the parts in proportion.
      I'm going to try to post some more pictures tonight!
    4. Here are a few more pictures of her dressed. As you can see, her legs do not look out of proportion or big:


    5. Wow! Those pics are really nice also. I really do like her. I just love the poseability of the Obitsus and I don't feel the pressure of being super careful when playing with mine like with a resin one. You're right--her proportions like fine with your outfits. I love that school girl look. Do you make your own clothes. I really like that sweater and skirt. I just know that when I drafted a pants pattern for my 60cm Obitsu I had to allow for her large thighs. :-)

      So you modded your 60cm! That's another whole topic, I assume. Have you ever posted what/how you did this anywhere here on DOA. I'd be interested. Didn't you have to do some whacking or reshaping? I'm trying to imagine this. How brave you really are! I'd love to have my 60cm a little shorter and never thought of doing that. As you know the original girl has very long legs! :-)

      Yes, I thought the 55 cm had a more a masculine body.. definitely immature in the chest area compared to those 'boobs' on the other 60cm. His shoulders look broader, too.

      It's also good to know that any head will fit on her. I have an extra Obitsu eye-hold head (first eye-hole head) that I don't have a body for and maybe I can get the 47cm and use this head. However, I do like the Angela head and the Gretel and Haruka head.

      Thanks again for those great pics and your explanations. Have fun with Angela!
    6. There is a guide to modding 60 cm dolls on the Parabox site. I just printed it off and went to it. It really isn't that bad. Basically you cut a slice out of the ankles and then glue the legs back together, and do the same with the hips (the hips are harder to get back together and get them lined up properly).
    7. Well, I think I can clear this up, since I'm the person who posted the original post about Angela with pictures. The mods discussed it and decided that she would be allowed on DoA. Obitsu vinyl 60 cm dolls are allowed, as are Dollfie Dream dolls, which are also vinyl. The Angela is basically the same doll as the 60 cm doll, just in a smaller 47 cm size, with an immature bust. There is also a smaller Volks vinyl doll as well that is allowed.
      The decisions are made on an individual basis, as the 60 cm vinyl dolls were grandfathered it.
      That said, please don't think that these dolls are not nice just because they are vinyl and not resin. Vinyl heads can be very beautiful - I have seen some face-ups that result in a doll that is just as beautiful as any resin doll. And they pose great! Much better than resin, IMHO, because they hold whatever pose you put them in forever.
      Not to mention if you carry your dolls around a lot, they are lighter.
      I have vinyl Haruka, Gretel, and Angela dolls and I love them. I also have a number of resin dolls- Volks, Souldoll, Elfdoll, DIM doll, Dollzone, Bobobie, and Angel of Dream. Resin and vinyl each have their pluses and minuses and I like them both.
      If you like a doll that is vinyl, you should get her. I feel that you should get the doll you want and not worry about what other people might think about them.
    8. I have a 55cm gretel boy. I didn't know they made smaller dolls!
      Just so you know, they are allowed on doa. Orian runs around here all the time. [​IMG]
      While he's not 47cm or a girl, he is very poseable. He can stand, and has magnets in his feet that (while ruining television sets, as I've come to find out,) can make him stand in numerous places, and hold poses forever.
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    9. I was going to buy a Parabox/Obitsu Angela Head, but I'm not too fond of the matching body, which other place do you think would have the best fitting bodies for that head?

      And I'm sorry if this is in the wrong area.
    10. If Angela has the same type neck opening as the Haruka and Gretel heads you can get them to fit on a resin body with the S-hook using one of those donut shaped neck pieces. I bought mine at coolcat.com, but Luts has them too, I believe. A washer might work as well.
    11. I bought just the body very recently,and I quite like it minus the chest that is. I plan on exchanging the chest piece very soon. I didn't like the angela head mold very much from the few pics I seen of it. I only seen stock photos on the body though.
    12. The head is called Angela, the body can 'host' any of the heads.
      I have her too :aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea

      At the moment the body is hosting a resin head.
      And my Angela is on a cloth body.
    13. As I mentioned before,I have and adore my 47cm body. Just hate the chest piece. I recently got a head for her tho. I put the smaller Alice head on her actually. It doesn't look too bad actually. It looks small without a wig,but once you put one on there,it's much better. I just didn't want to have a bighead girl,honestly.

      On another note,the body poses so well! I;ve had her for a bit now,but I'm just so pleased with how well she poses and holds them! Like a dream!
    14. I don't have the 47cm body, but last week I got the new 40cm body with the painted P-chan head and I love her. :)
    15. I switched out the Angela head for the Sheba head because she wanted to grow up. I also switched out her chest piece and gave her the 60 cm mature bust. She looks really pretty grown up!

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    16. I asked the mods to the the 40 cm Obitsu/Parabox Alice to this thread as well (thank you mods!). So here she is:

      This is Bonnie, my 40 cm Parabox Alice.
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    17. I will try to get some pics of my girl, a painted Pchan head on the 40cm body. I love my sweet and gentle anime girly. :)
    18. I just ordered a 40cm with the Sleeping Princess open-eyed head! I got the miko set. *bounces*

      Everyone's 40cms are so cute!
    19. I love the princess heads! I don't own the 40-47 Obitsu but I will be getting a 60cm soon....I dont think there is a thread for them in the Large dolls section though.
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