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Obitsu vs. Dollfie Dream - what's the difference

Jul 16, 2005

    1. OK, I apologize if this has already been covered, but could somebody please explain the difference between the DD2 body (which I have) and the Obitsu 60cm body. Are they very similar? What are people's opinions of the quality of Obitsu products?
    2. I'm not sure if we're all owed to discuss obitsu here. I think it's resin BJD and then DD. I think there's other communities that will be able to help you more, as they are more specialized to obitsu. Sorry. :oops: I'm not sure.
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    3. I think if DD are allowed, the 60cm obitsu should be fair game, as the DD body is much closer to the Obitsu in nature than resin BJD. The barbie-sized obitsu are not covered by this forum.

      I've been really curious about this as well in trying to choose a body for my Obitsu head. I've heard the Obitsu poses better than the DD1. From the site, it looks like it's held together with joints rather than string, but not like the internal skeleton of the DD2. The Obitsu body has a 2-part or 3-part torso option - the 3 part has wider hips. The top part (bust) of torso can be switched out for an optional soft vinyl squishy torso (I have one! *lol*)

      I think also that the feet might be smaller than the DD. I know the Obitsu-eye head is bigger than the DD. But that's all I know. ^^;

      Arkady posted a thread with comparison pics in the gallery, I think....

    4. Obitsu 60cm are fair game. They are made by Azone and are akin to the DD dolls, that is, plastic/vinyl.

      I had both, but alas, I don't have pics. Are you looking for style or functionality? The DD1 body is not nearly as functional as the Obitsu 60cm. However, I have heard that the DD2 body is as good, functionally speaking, as the Obi body. If you want functional and aesthetically pleasing, I would get a DD2 body. Obi's tend to have large, ugly looking joints and legs. While they pose like a dream and while the joints and legs can be covered up, they aren't the prettiest dolls out there.

      Hope that helps.
    5. I just posted this in the other thread as well, but it bears repeating:

      You can see a number of photos of Obitsus (as well as some comparison photos with Dollfie Dream) at Sweet Ayame, Arkady's doll-journal. Ayame and Seraphina are both Obitsu 60cm dolls, and she's also put Ayame's head on a DD (don't know if it was DD1 or DD2, although it may say so in the text) body and took comparison photos.

      Lucybond also has an Obitsu, Circe -- if you search for "Ayame" and "Circe" in the DoA search function, you should be able to see some photos, too:>

      -- Andi :)
    6. You can see more comparison shots of the DD1 body and the Obitsu body here. The DD1 body isn't as versatile as the Obitsu body in terms of posability; I have to think much more about the limitations of the DD body when I'm planning a photoshoot with Ayame, because a strung body such as the DD1 is far more limited than one with an internal skeleton such as the DD2 or Obitsu 60 (and having dismantled hand handled several Obitsu 60 bodies I can tell you that yes, it is an internal skeleton and not just individual joints). She also seems to have a rather excessive "spinal curve" which means she can't sit properly fully upright unless she's propped against something, which is a nuisance.

      The DD body is slightly shorter than the Obitsu, but the Obitsu head fits just fine, and the colour match is excellent. However you do need to use the bottle cap method to secure the head, as there's no headcap hook inside the Obitsu head.

      The DD hands are much nicer than the Obitsu ones, too; more delicate and expressive. And the feet are more realistic too. But you just can't beat Obitsu posability; however I'm curious as to how the DD2 body will compare, and I'm saving up for a DD2 body for Ayame.
    7. ... Dammit, I wonder if I should just break down and buy both an Obitsu AND a DD2 when I'm in Japan...>? ^^;;;;
    8. [​IMG]

      Here's the most recent pic I have od my Circe (Obitsu flesh tone) but please bear in mind that there is currently no open-eye-holes heasd to match the flesh-tone body, so it took a lot of blushing to get her head to look right on the body!

      I screwed up, 'cos I'm a newbie & thought the pictures on the site showed the fleshtone body, not the white one, as it looked pale to me, but not like 'beauty white'. Oops.

      Circe has magnetic feet, so she stands otherwise unsupported on a metal disk, in a variety of positions. Her head-cap opens easily, & her head is nice & secure, once you work out how to get it firmly on her neck. As Arkady said, she's very poseable, & has a rather charming ladylike look about her, I think.

      Being vinyl in parts, she stains rather easily, so take care with dark-coloured wigs & certain paints used as make-up.

      She took only eight days (including a weekend) to reach me from Japan. I bought her from www.parabox.com.
    9. I have an obitsu head, I planned to pratise on her and then sell her later to get more practise heads, but I've drafted her and I really love her. I'm considering saving for a body for her but I don't like the joints on obitsu bodies, I think their an eye sore.

      I was wondering, how does the vinal match up on obitsu heads to Dollfie dream bodies? Also are obitsu heads in proportion to Dollfie dream bodies?

      Thanks for the help.

    10. See this thread -- Arkady posted a picture of her girls, both Obitsu open-eye heads, one on a DD1 body, the other on an Obitsu body.

      Hope this helps!

      -- A :)
    11. 0_0 i dunno. my obitsu's a guy...with a male luts body. tho it looks a little funny..round the neck area. and his head can't move much.
    12. I was wondering about some things and to keep it simple- I am making a multi question post rather than several posts. THANX!

      What is the difference (if any) between an Obitsu body and DD? (other than DD not coming in male body style)

      I have seen TONS of cute stuff listed for sale from Azone and also Hobby Link Japan. Are any of the items listed for sale from Azone or HLJ sized for MSD or SD or SD sized obitsu/DD bodies? If so, how can I tell?
    13. 1) The Obitsu is closer to the DDII, and besides that the DD is shorter and (I think) bustier, that's all I know.

      2) All of the Azone 1/3 stuff will fit an Obitsu (Azone has some busniess affliation w/Obitsu) I don't know if it will fit anything else.

      3) No clue. I'm an Obitsu girl.
    14. question 1: both are vinyl(?) bodies the same size as superdollfie, but they look different. Obitsu look more like the 1/6 customizeable obitsu and dollfie bodies, while the DD body looks more like a typical SD, (though it's super stylized and mature looking). I think you can get obitsu bodies with magnets in them and a base so that you can pose them better, as well. I think it's difficult to get a non obitsu head on them, though.

      question 2: I think as long as it's 1/3 scale it should fit obitsu, like ladyrixx said, I'm not sure about DD, since they seem to have odd measurements (tiny waist, huge bust),
      just be careful, because alot of the azone stuff is for 1/6 (barbie-like) scale there :)

      question 3: I think Ksy is made by hypermanic (and I think it's out of production now?)

      hope I answered everything right :sweat
    15. Well the old bodies looked more like the 1/6 scale bodies. The latest models are extremely bjd like, w/o the annoyance of stringing. So far people have had success putting Lishe heads on, Soom Gena heads and I think someone has a RML head too.

      I'd like to try a kid delf head. They seem to be the same scale as the haruka head and I like that proportion best. I plan on getting a minifee Lishe. I'll have to see if her head looks good on the bigger body ;)
    16. hmmm currently i know yes there is diffucluty of a resin head but it is possible with modifitcations. as far as clothing for dd and obitsu can share many of the same clothing shoes. azone clothes fit obitsu bodies in 60cm because azone uses obitsu bodies in their 60cm line. i have a few items meant for dd that fir on obitsu fine so no there is not much differance.
    17. Q1: What separetes the Obitsu and the DD bodies are looks and engineering, basically. You have to compare them and see which you prefer personally.

      Q2: Most Azone things you see, as sgtgeorgecarter said, are in the 1/6 scale. The stuff in the 1/3 scale marked "60 cm". Look for the SAR and the SAV Azone series, which are for the 1/3 scale.

      Q3: Volks does not make the KSY.
    18. Can anyone tell me if the vinyl color of the 60cm Obitsu heads (normal or pale) match either of the DD2 bodies (normal or white skin)?

      Thank you!
    19. Other DD and Obitsu people have told me that DD2 normal and Obitsu white are a good match. I also understand that DD and DD2 normals are similar to identical in color. I know for sure that Obitsu normal is too pink for DD normal.