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Obsessed with another owner's doll?

Sep 16, 2005

    1. My fascination with BJDs started when I stumbled upon a link to Mistula on a music community. After several months of obsessing about Uno, I finally was convinced to spend a little fortune to get my very own Tsukasa. He arrived a few days ago, and honestly, I was very disappointed when I first saw him. I think my expectations of him were too high and too different. My friend told me I should change his faceup, but I don't think it's wise to make him look like Uno, who to me is the ultimate Tsukasa. I'm sure his owner will not be too happy about her doll being "copied" too.

      Has this ever happened to any of you? It feels weird that I now have my dream doll and I don't feel like going *squee* at all. :(

      I don't know how it happened but around page 3 this became some kind of popularity thread. I know some people in this forum feel bad when their dolls are not mentioned in threads like this. The point of this post is just to ask if any of you experienced the same disappointment as I have when your dream doll didnt turn out the way you expected it to be. I just used Uno as an example. Sorry for the misunderstanding. :( If I was not able to communicate taht properly, I need to be shot. *is shot*
    2. Well many time the combo of hair color/type and eye color are what you really love I think. There is not reason why you can't find a fun fur wig of that color and eyes of that tone. I think this is a very common issue! there have been many times I fell in love with a sculpt based on a certain makeup and when the doll arrived I was like ok where the spark?

      Really you have to do what you can to make your doll an individual and I think getting a skilled makeup artist can give you the character and spark you might need.

      This is my opinion of course! but for me that is what gives my doll the spark, its the special eyes, hair and makeup that I select.

      Right now he is needing some changes!
    3. That's the very reason I will never get an El or a Gene. :x I am MADLY in love with Nikki's (Kisakisama) Kaitou and Meg's (Obscurity) Bastian. I know if I were to get an El or Gene, they would be sub-par to my precious Kaitou or Bastian. :\

      I suggest you give him a little time, though! n n Give him a chance to work his way into your life. If it doesn't work out, I really doubt you'll have trouble selling Tsukasa XD He's much-wanted. But still! A chance~ I'm sure he cost a pretty penny -- might as well try to get to know him, eh~?

      (ps: The first doll I ever discovered was Uno, too XD He's a great beginner-doll-discovery.)
    4. Yes, I have found that out the hard way through many dolls. I felt really disapointed, I had this image in my head and it was just disapointing. Then you sort of resent the doll and makes it really difficult to bond. That's partially why I end up selling many of my dolls.
    5. Well who did the faceup for the doll? Perhaps you could comission a faceup with the general colors you liked on the other doll.

      As an artist i agree that "copying" would just be an insult and ruin the OOAK rep of the doll. BUT as a collector I dont see the fairness in passing up something you love jsut because its been done before. :cry: Personally, I would do what I WANTED and LIKED reguardless if its been done. :oops: I would just say that it was "inspired" by..."whatever" or just never take pictures. Give the "concept artist" their credit you know?

      But i wouldnt go as far as to have them in the same clothing or have the same name/ personality...you know? Then its stealing a character. To which point my artist side takes over....

      Amazing how split i am in this topic. LOL. :| :oops:
    6. I think Joey did Uno's faceup, and I can't see her trying to replicate it on another doll. :oops:

      I kind of had the same issue with a couple of my old dolls.. I fell in love with the Ttory on Luts's old Korean site but when I finally got one of my own, it looked nothing like my *dream* Ttory. He was cute in his own right, but I couldn't get the image I had out of my head, so I ended up selling him.

      Tsukasa is a beautiful sculpt though, I really hope you can create a bond!
    7. Lol, I stumbled across Uno after falling in love with Tsukasa
      on Aimee's FAQ about limited SD13s.
      Uno has a really great face-up but as you've said, there's no point copying.
      'Cos then, it's as if Uno went to live with you but not really *yours* per se.
      (I feel this is different from default but anyway ^^;)

      I wouldn't buy a doll that I didn't like for the doll itself.
      (Unless we're talking doll-to-be-modded.)
      I thought I liked Madoka a lot,
      but I think I just liked evildolly's Hope. Heh.

      Give your Tsukasa a chance, he's a cute guy, really!
      -horribly, horribly biased-
      Try playing with wigs, and so on.

      P/S: The grey cat-eared wig I got for Gab (my Tsu)
      is making him look a *little* Uno-ish...
      Even with his default face-up.
      (Unintentionally. I just love the wig.
      It has ears! But man...
      The feeling of being a little too close is making me squirm, too.)
      But see, it'd be really weird to say I can't let Gabriel wear this wig
      that looks so cute just because it's similar.

      -lost in thought- Um. Hope something somewhere down the line made sense. :oops:

    8. YES.

      I am in LOVE with KaIsUki's boy Darryn (Sch A).

      But I would never dare own one of my own, because it is his certain face-up, his style, and personality that she has given him that has lured me. I knew that If I was to get one of my own that same feeling won't be there.

    9. I have been threatened with physical harm by one friend if I changed Ghaleon's face up(and that was many face-ups ago). XD I like looking at other people's dolls, but I tend to not obsess over them.

      With your Tsukasa, I think he's one of the most amazing sculpts! Maybe you could "shop" around and look at other face up styles you like and have someone try it on him?
    10. My name's mortimer, and I'm a Jerolyn fangirl. x3

      I also LOVE Fia, Chibi Kitsune's Jupiter.

      I love syo molds, like Jerolyn, but if I got one I'd need to know that it wasn't Jerolyn I was trying to bond with or create, it was a different character. I was going to use a syo mold for Cicada, my paranoid schizophrenic sword wielding babeh, but I decided against it because I'd be making Cicada into a Jerolyn.

      You need to make up a character for your Tsukasa. Make a new name, new identity, clothes, everything.

      Eventually, maybe he'll start coming out to you. Even if you're the type of person who likes to let dolls create their own personalities, you need to give your Tsukasa something to build on. And a chance.

      Good luck. (^___^) Tsukasa is soooooo cute!
    11. Thanks you guys. I do realize I don't want a Dos. :oops: I may find a gray fur wig and Uno's menthol eyes, but in the end, my Tsukasa will only be cosplaying Uno. And I don't think he can be a cosplayer forever. :( I'll give it some thought. Your advice means a lot. This kind of fizzled out my initial excitement, but maybe we both just need time to bond. It's just not happening right now.

      I could've mistaken the Tsukasa on your avatar for Uno if you didn't say it was Gabriel! *_* And how lucky are you to also have a Shiro? :daisy
    12. Yes, I have been obsessed with another owner's doll a few times. Several of these times I was actually able to BUY the doll I was obsessing over when the previous owners decided to sell them.

      One I will never be able to get thoug, as the owner modified her further and really messed her up. Instead I made my own custom that is kind of like her. That took two attempts too....

    13. OMG the thought of actually owning Uno. *dies* But that's impossible. :cry:

      Did you tell the owner that you're making a custom that looks like her own doll? Or did you just leave it for her to find out?
    14. Heh, Dos. But yeah, give it time.
      Perhaps it's just the initial disappointment preventing you
      from seeing the appeal in your Tsukasa.. (What's his name btw? ^^;;;;)

      When Gabriel first arrived, I was thrown a bit off-track;
      he didn't feel at all like the person I'd envisioned.
      But I love him loads now ^^;
      (Unfortunately still trying to get used to Damien)

      Heh I know ~_~ Grey fur wig -_-
      Cat ears though! Cat ears!
      Either way, I won't ever change Gab's eyes/faceup;
      the latter only if something happens or it wears off... >_<
      Erm well, Gabriel looked lonely so... ^^;
      But yeah, I'm lucky to have them :grin:
    15. I have a few obsessions of my own! Like Sher's ryung "Illiana" she is just so gorgeous!!! And Nanylins DES. s2kitty's woosoo. just to name a few. so many pretty dolls...how can one not become obsesed.....i cant spell...by the way hehe
    16. He doesn't have a name yet. I just call him Dos. What's wrong with Damien?

      When I heard of people not bonding with their dolls, I used to go WTH? How can you not bond with something that can cost up to 2,000USD? I guess I learned my lesson the hard way. :(

      I guess it's also Uno's personality that makes him so endearing. You must have a lot of love for a doll to give it so much life. I just don't have it in me right now. :sigh
    17. Lol, Dos is actually a cute nick in term of... Microsoft.
      Hmmmm... ^^;

      Yeah the bonding thing is really important;
      otherwise they're still beautiful but like, dead.

      Damien is a little, um, weird.
      ^^; Haven't quite gotten the hang of him yet;
      the bonding thing... ~_~
      He seems to be bonding with Gabriel though, so that's good.
      (He's only here because of Gab >D)

      Yeah, personality makes the person, or in this case, the doll.
      Which is why I was so worried about Gabriel at first...
      Didn't want him to be dead to the world... -_-"

      Again, wait for the shock to wear off XD
      I'm sure it'll work out...
      If not... >_< as peachxprince has said,
      Tsukasa *is* quite popular so, you know...
      ~_~ Dos!
    18. *squee*

    19. I think it's very natural to get obsessed with some of the dolls out there. I'm obsessed with one, to the point that I've had dreams about them...not as a doll, but as their character. (It was a very nice dream, incidentally...very pleasant conversation and all.) I know I probably will never get that particular head sculpt, though, because I'd want mine to be just like this other, and that won't happen. But then there are other owner dolls that I am completely hung up on, and I will get those sculpts, but do my best to make my own.

      I hope things work out for you and Tsukasa....I think he has a lot of potential. :daisy
    20. I am tooootally obsessed with puffytuffet's Hound, Enzo.

      I mean..Ryo is...yeah, totally all Ryo... [​IMG]