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Ocean Moon: Hwa-Lan

Aug 3, 2007

    1. Anybody seen the new doll? Not complete yet, but he looks pretty good to me:D Hwa-Lan is supposed to have sharper features as opposed to Shou-Ryu's softer face. They're also working on the body...


      Sorry if he's been discussed in another thread; I didn't find it:sweat
    2. I think there are several threads on Oceanmoon dolls, but I don't think Hwa-lan has his own other than this. (Please do remind me/(re)move this thread if there is one for Hwa-lan elsewhere.)

      I've seen one for 50cm boy Hui-rang which I accedently wrote about Hwa-lan:doh
      Speaking of him, I just saw that they updated new photos - OMG he has full body!! XD I was about to drool on my desk. Eww for me...