Limited Items [OCEANMOON]*桜姫、麟 : Sakura-Hime, Lin* 26cm tiny girl Kimono Full-set(Limited)

Mar 13, 2016

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      Limited Full-set, 26cm tiny girl {Sakura-Hime, Lin 桜姫、麟}
      Lin in Ko-uchiki(Jyuni-hitoe) garment, Japan's traditional Princess(=Hime)'s garb of Heian era.

      Quantity is limited to 7, regardless of region or agency.

      [ Size and Color compatibility ]
      This body is compatible with Yo-SD size.
      Height 26.5 cm / Head size 6.4 inch / Eyes 16 mm

      Skin tone is similar to Volks' dolls, closer to [yellow tone].
      It is not Pureskin material; we use very stable, high quality resin.

      [ Composition ]
      Full doll(Lin Head + 26cm-size Girl Body, fully assembled) ; Lemony White skin
      Special Face-up For [Sakura-hime, Lin] ; administered by the doll's designer
      Face protection cap
      16mm Glass eyes(Random color)
      Sculpey for eye attachment
      Silicon pad in neck
      3-pieces garment :
      Hitoe + Ko-uchiki (Outer-wear piece) / Hakui(Top piece) / Nagabakama (Pants)
      Certificate of Authentication

      Experience the exquisite beauty and high quality of Oceanmoon's dolls!
      Thank you so much for your interest! :aheartbea


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