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Oceanmoon 1 Yen Auction! BoNee White Skin, on Yahoo!Japan Auction!

Jun 9, 2012

    1. [​IMG]




      1 Yen Auction!
      An unprecedented event in Oceanmoon's auction history!
      Bid begins from 1 Yen! (= $0.01)

      Auction End Date is June 13th, 22:27 (In Japan Time).

      BoNee White Skin 1 (No Face-up) / Cotton Blanket / Box

      Shipping fee is designated to the Bid Winner.
      The total price will be the final bid price plus shipping fee.

      We thought it'd be good to let everyone know since it's such a desirable event;
      although it is on Yahoo!Japan Auction, not on English-based eBay, please take a look!

      Once again, this is such an unbelievable opportunity!:aheartbea