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Oceanmoon 26cm female is out!!! (Eun-Ryoung)

Nov 4, 2007

    1. I've been busy with work so I didn't even have time for here:...(
      But!!! Just today or yesterday I was surfing doll sites, and Atelier Oceanmoon put up new photos of 26cm female!!! Omg she's ADORABLE!!!!! :fangirl:

      From what they say I guess they are going to make the resin mold off from the very first mold. But they are still selling those first ones!!! Yeay!!!

      Personally I think that girl is even cuter than honeydelf... I was thinking about getting H/D but now have to think again... Geez

    2. Ahh ive been waiting for Eun-Ryeong~ ;-;<3 i hope ill be able to scrounge up some munnies xD; Shes one of my fav. tiny girls~
    3. She really is too cute for words :aheartbea
    4. Mes gawd so cute!!!
    5. I believe that those two websites are same. .biz is just another domain name for easy remember... ;)
    6. They put more piccus of her on the website ^^
    7. Never seen her before, but I adore her. <3 She's so cheeky.
    8. Eun-Ryeong is very cute, but I find the site very difficult to navigate, there's no place (that I could see), where they have the price for her. Oh well, maybe that's good! I'm falling in love with too many of these cuties and my purse isn't deep enough:(
    9. Shes not released for sale yet. maybe that is why?

      i think she will have it listed on the eng. order board i think when Eun-Ryeong is for sale? not sure.
    10. shes for sale on Y!J now
      normal skin from the first mold.

      Also, new pics of the first mold on the site.
      the little bunny things are SOO cute >w<
      omg, i would so snatch her up from YJ
      if i didnt have to use a shopping service. -sigh-
    11. captainkyo,

      Where is the English order board? I saw the YJ but my understanding of Japanese is zero to none.

      I think the little bunny things are to open and close her eyes. I could be wrong, but I hope I'm not:)
    12. I dont think the eyes can be closed, it looks to be the same use as an S-hook, to keep the string from falling through.

      The english board is right on the same side as like "Doll, main, intro" etc.. just at the bottom, it says something like "order-jpn, order-eng, Q&A" ^^

      Im GUESSING, but i think shes not taking orders for her right now, like how she does on the order board. I think its just this first mold and this doll that shes selling YJ. because there is no notice or info for ordering for her on the boards.
    13. Oceanmoon casted five of those 1st Eun-Ryeong as far as I know.
      Hopefully I can bring one of those five home <3
    14. Ahh yay, do you know if YJ is the only way shes selling those first 5?
    15. 2 was already sold in Korea, 2 will go up on Y!J, and one is coming to me:D [...yes, I'm serious xD]
      I can't wait for her to arrivvvvvve :love
    16. aww yaaaay >w< so cute, i cant wait to see piccus~ >w<
    17. Captainkyo, I get the English on the side margin too, but when I click on it everything comes up in Japanese/Korean? I have not visited the site today, but I'll check it out later to see if that's changed. About the eyes, I think you're right.

      Bamna - How much was she in US dollars?

      I wish Oceanmoon wouldn't tease us with these cuties and then leave us high and dry by only selling 5 pieces, it's just not fair!:...(
    18. shell be making more~ this is just from the first mold!

      :D dont worry i cant afford her right now either ;-;
      Well i could.. if rinkya didnt have such big commish+handleing fees xD;;
    19. Very cute!