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OceanMoon All Dolls - Discussion

Jan 6, 2010

    1. News thread

      I am SO excited this girl is comming out soon. :aheartbea
      I've been watching and waiting for her ever since her head was first sculpted lol.
      Its been a while. xD

      She is adorable! Looking forward to a release date ^_^

      discuss! who else thinks shes adorable? <333
    2. OMG she is SOSOSO cute.
      I just went to the site and it's already exceeded file transfer limit.:XD:

      she's definitely on my "to watch" list. Can't wait to see some details of the body jointing. She has pretty knees:whee:
    3. Ack, I am in love again! She's so cute! I most certainly don't need more dolls on my wish list, but there is something special about her. Very sweet but not too childlike. Similar to Minoruworld or Blue Fairy dolls.
    4. Well, she is on my list. I have a lady who needs a maid/companion type character to keep her company, and Bo-nee is the one. Her face is so innocent and she looks so pale and pretty~!
    5. im kind of interested in this, i'll have to follow! my current girl is a MNF but i still think she's too short...this might be exactly what i need!!
    6. She is so gorgeous. I think I might need her, as a personal doll or an OC. Either way, I just need her.
    7. Definitely in love <3 Her look and size fit one of my OC's perfectly!
    8. I really like this girl, I've been wanting an in-between size girl for a long time--love that her face is young and innocent and she's got a more little girl figure--kind of straight--not too developed. I'm waiting for the second head mold to be released then I'll decide who to order.

      Question--shoes for this size?
    9. Wish there was a fullset of her being sold to us non YJA users xD. Love that white dress!

      There is a second mold being made LisaMarie?
    10. I love this doll. She's beautiful~ *w* Unfortunately, I don't have any OCs that would fit her... but... she's on my list anyway. 8DDD;
    11. captainkyo From the news thread:

      Now that I think about it, I'm not sure if this sister will be the same size or not. I will ask.
    12. Is there a kind of trick to getting to see the pictures of the body? I used the link in the news thread to get to the page of thumbnails, but clicking on a picture, or double-clicking, only gets the thumbnail page to refresh itself, and not go to any larger pics.

      Edit: I worked it out. I have to right-click the image and choose View Image. Then I can see the large picture.

      Looks like her elbows are single-jointed, from the poses. No face-touching ability.

    13. actually, click the text, thats next to the thumbnail, that opens the whole page up.
    14. Does it say anywhere what the circumference of her neck is?
    15. No, does not say the circumference of her neck.

      Height 50 cm / Head size 7.2 inch / Eyes 18 mm
    16. I just fell in love. That girl is perfect! She is maybe too big (40cm dolls are better for me) but I still want her.. I've been thinking a sister for Vivian and I think that Bo-nee could be that one..
      Urgh. Why I don't have Paypal, why?
    17. I am so psyched!!! I've been waiting for a youthful-looking 50cm girl to be released for a long time, and I couldn't be more pleased. She's perfect for what I wanted!

      I love unusually sized dolls!

      Need to start saving.
    18. .o. I dun see a price..I may be blind but what is her darn price?! Im loving these dolls. finally dee can have a cousin short than her!
    19. Kokoro-Chan: During the preorder, she is $420 without faceup and $470 with a company faceup. This price also includes shipping, but they say once the presale is over she will go up in price, and shipping will no longer be included. They didn't specify what the cost will be then as far as I know.
    20. I think she's really gorgeous! The more pictures they post, the more I realize how much I like how she looks. n_n I find her size interesting, too.