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Limited Items [OCEANMOON]ChongLan-Asashimo朝霜 28cm tiny Full-set(Limited ONE)

Feb 29, 2016

    1. [​IMG]

      Sell on Etsy : [ChongLan-Asashimo朝霜] (a frosty morning)

      Quantity is limited to ONE, regardless of region or agency.
      *Note : Special Face-up for Asashimo朝霜(limited to ONE) ; personally administered by the doll's designer

      Only 2 members take charge of all work at Oceanmoon;
      From designing the original mold, garments and shipping, we tend to every detail with care and craftsmanship.
      Our system is entirely different from a mass-production factory since there are only 2 of us.
      Since we are only 2, we plan on running our company in a way that's workable by 2: small quantity and high quality.

      Our goal is world's-best-quality.
      We daresay our effort for achieving impeccable quality of the bodies and the maintenance of them is second to none.
      It is our promise to you that we will give our best in producing the one-and-only handcrafted work of art.
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    2. [Only 1 Limited Full-set]
      ◎ ChongLan-Asashimo朝霜 ; 28cm YoSD-class boy from OCEANMOON.◎
      (Asa-shimo, = a frosty morning)

      Quantity is limited to ONE, regardless of region or agency.

      ★ More Images ★

      Full doll (ChongLan Head + 28cm Body, fully assembled) ; Lemony White skin
      Special Face-up for Asashimo朝霜(limited to ONE) ; personally administered by the doll's designer
      Face protection cap
      14mm Glass eyes(HGglass-eyes Light Violet)
      Sculpey for eye attachment
      Silicon pad in neck
      Hand-customized wig by the doll's designer
      6-pieces garment : Outer-wear piece / Naga-gi(Top piece) / Obi(Belt) / Han-jyuban(Inner vest) / Inner Belt(Elastic band) / Geta(Sandal)
      Certificate of Authentication

      *Skin color shown in image is "Lemony White" (former "White").
      *No magnet (to install optional parts) is embedded inside the head or body.

      *Clothes and shoes made by OCEANMOON
      *Silk are used in production. It's best to dry clean.

      [Color compatibility]
      Skin tone is similar to Volks' dolls, closer to [yellow tone].
      It is not Pureskin material; we use very stable, high quality resin.

      [Size info]
      This body is compatible with Yo-SD size.
      Height 28 cm / Head size 6.4 inch / Eyes 14 mm

      Circumference of neck : 6cm
      Width of shoulders : 7cm
      Circumference of chest : 13cm
      Circumference of waist : 11.6cm
      Circumference of hips : 13.3cm
      Length from hips to ankle : 10.5cm
      Length from shoulders to wrist : 7.5cm
      Length of foot : 3.8cm

      *Seam lines won't be sanded off.

      *Layaway and refund are not accepted.
      *Images and colors of the items can slightly vary from monitor to monitor.

      ◆ About Urethane Resin and Skin Color ◆
      At Oceanmoon, a type of high-quality urethane resin is being used for our products.
      It is lightweight as well as stable.
      And since 2011, imported anti-discoloration (yellowing) solution is used at the time of manufacture,
      which greatly improves the longevity of the color integration; yellowing is delayed for at least 2 more years compared to previous items.

      Even when the skin surface is oxidized, still the color and texture remains polished and graceful.
      All items are manufactured at the consistent color ratio; therefore there is hardly any difference between items.
    3. Sold OUT! Thank you very much :-)