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OceanMoon dolls

Apr 16, 2011

    1. Does anyone have an OceanMoon doll? I'm thinking about getting an OceanMoon body for my Leekeworld Ojallin head, and would like to know if OceanMoon dolls are made well and if they're easy to pose. My Ojallin's body doesn't pose well at all, although I must say the sculpting is beautiful. I'd really like to try OceanMoon, because they make a 50 cm body which I think will be a better size for Ojallin.

      Any feedback about OceanMoon would be appreciated.:D I think the color will match Leekeworld.


    2. I'm bumping this cos I was thinking of putting a Geeyu head on an Oceanmoon body. Would be great to see someone's Oceanmoon girl next to a regular sized SD girl, or prefereably the Oceanmoon body with an SD head on. Thanks!
    3. Bumping this up. Can anyone help please?
    4. Hiya!
      I just recently bought an OM 50cm girl body to hybrid with.
      My original intention was to hybrid it with an msd Real missing link M-20f. But when I got the body (just yesterday) I found that the head was far too small. 8); Then I tried my sd RML r-01 and the fit was definitely better! Both were close to OM's normalskin but they are quite old and a tad yellow. But not so different really. I think I got lucky that they're so close in color. My sd girl now has a body!

      The body is AMAZING imo. As my first girl body and currently my smallest doll I think the attention to detail is incredible. I've played with a lot of girl bodies before this one to know that although she isnt double jointed her single-jointedness has great range of motion. I'm most impressed by all the small notches in her joints that allow her to naturally curl her legs up to her chest and flex her toes. Her chest joint also moves really far forward and back as well. I was so highly impressed by the body it made me sooo sad it didn't fit my msd, but even happier it fit my SD girl.

      I should probably mention that the body is quite lightweight and was slightly a little less finished than expected. There are visible shallow seams and the texutre is a little rough (which I like). But by no means is this a poor quality body or casting. I think a bit of seam sanding will do!

      My suggestion would be to hybrid the body with smallish sd heads, or at least heads that are small faced. I'm still unsure if my head looks bobble-headed or not, but I showed her to my family who knows nothing about bjd and seemed to think she looked fine. ^^ I thought I've heard somewhere that leeke ns is somewhat peachy? I think the resin might be a close match but arn't Leeke SD heads are quite large? I bet it would be possible to hybrid with yellowish soom and colors similar. Also an iplehouse (later than 08)ns YID head with this They have really small heads. 8); I wish I could show you these hybrids to confirm these hunches.

      I'll update this post with a link to some comparisons and posing shots I plan to take in a day or so.