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Oceanmoon Eun-Ryeong

Sep 14, 2007

    1. Sorry if im not posting this in the right place >0<;

      Right, so i havent been to the Oceanmoon's website in over a year. So i went just now and i saw Eun-Ryeong.

      homg cuuuute~<3
      1, 2, 3

      The only info i could get was that s/he iss 26cm and takes 14-16mm eyes x.x;

      I thought s/he was uuuber cute, so i tried searching but i couldnt find anything about em. Y-Y

      Does anyone have any other information? or know anything?

      what do you guys think?
    2. oooo. I love the shape of the eyes.

      They look like they're a work in progress to me. :aninja: We'll have to watch for this one.
    3. Oh, so cute already! I look forward to seeing the little one finished. :)
    4. She is sooo cute. I can't wait to see her finished.
    5. bump for the cutie ;3
    6. bump for cutie~