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OceanMoon [Hwa-Lan] Pre-order sale begins now!

Feb 21, 2009

    1. [​IMG]


      [Hwa-Lan] Pre-order sale begins now!

      20 heads are available for this pre-order.
      Afterwards, price will return to its usual rate.

      Hwa-Lan is a 8 inch head and is compatible with SD13 boy body(the hole/throat diameter, to be more specific).
      For this time only, we will send a converting part (which will enable the head to fit on SD9, SD13 girl body) upon request for no extra price, yes, for free!


      If you can't see Oceanmoon's website, you could send us an order via emila.

      Subject should be read as : [Name of the doll you are ordering/ Quantity/Skin preference(ex: normal skin, white skin)]

      For example, Subject: [Hwa-lan/ 1/ white]

      As for the content of the email, we need:
      Name/ Address/ Telephone #/ Yes or No for the converting part(for the neck)/ Date of payment

      Our Paypal ID and Email address: shrclef@naver.com
    2. I don't think anyone else posted a discussion for this yet so... Discuss here!

      NVM, see link below... oops
    3. Yep, sorry! Moved my post over there, asking mods to delete the one I made. Sorry!
    4. Hwa-lan pre-order sale ends by March 31st. Afterwards, the regular price (that is higher than the pre-order price) will be set for regular sale. Thank you.