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Oceanmoon HwaLan 2nd ed. [~Nov 15th] Pre-Order

Oct 20, 2010

    1. [​IMG]



      Hwa-Lan 2nd Ed. is coming to you, with new mold and new face-up.
      We are preparing images of White Skin as well, please keep checking back!

      For Hwa-Lan 2nd, we will receive limited sale orders
      during Nov. 1st ~ 15th only, which is 2 weeks time period.

      Oceanmoon changes order procedure!!

      New types from this day forth will only be available for sale during Pre-order periods;
      means they will not be available for sale after Pre-order period ends, no regular sale.

      At this time, we accept Pre-order for HwaLan.
      He's only available during this pre-order period. Please don't let this opportunity pass by!

      [ Size ]
      Head size 8 inch(MSD size wig compatible) / Eyes 16mm
      Skin color is similar to Volks dolls, but is not Pureskin meterial.

      Hwa-Lan is a 8 inch head and is compatible with SD13 boy body (the hole/throat diameter, to be more specific).

      If you can't see Oceanmoon's website, you can send us an order via emila.
      Subject line should be read : [Name of the doll you are ordering/ Quantity/ Skin preference (ex: normal skin, white skin) / Any additional parts]

      For example [ Subject: HwaLan / 1 / white / fist part 1 ]
      As for the content of the email, we need: Name/ Address/ Telephone #/ Date of payment

      Our Paypal ID : shrclef@naver.com
      Email address : oceanmoondoll@gmail.com

      1) Price (Shipping fee is not included)

      a) HwaLan head(=2nd ed.) $120.00
      b) 1st ed. Face-up $40.00
      c) 2nd ed. Face-up $50.00

      Please note this total price does not yet include the PayPal fee. (The final total price + PayPal fee.)

      2) Pre-order term: ~ November 15th(Mon), 2010.

      3) Face-up:

      When you choose to have your doll with face-up.

      Standard face-up / Special Face-up (1st ed.)
      New face-up(2nd ed.)

      Do not let this final chance to get away!
      Your very own Hwa-Lan is only available during this 2-weeks of time period in November!

    2. Do you have pictures comparing Hwa-Lan 1st and Hwa-Lan 2nd?
    3. Will the head be sold seperately or only full doll?
    4. Hi,
      We are sorry but since we don't have Hwa-Lan first ed. with us right now,
      we are unable to take pictures comparing the two.

      The difference between Hwa-Lan 2nd Ed. and 1st is that we took away volumes from eyelids and upper lip part,
      and fortified thickness on the inside of the eye holes.
      All these works were done to create even more natural, smooth looking lines and better eye shape.

      These differences will be very clear when you compared the two heads in 45 degree angle.
      Thank you for your continous interest in Oceanmoon's dolls! :-)
    5. Hi,
      Unfortunately, Oceanmoon does not have compatible bodies with 60cm size heads.
      Only head and face-up option are available for sale.
      Thank you!
    6. What is the difference between the two available face-ups?
    7. HwaLan's order period is Only 1 week left!
    8. HwaLan(NS)'s order period is Only 1 day left!

      Hwa-Lan 2nd Ed. White Skin will be available for sale in the future.

      During this Pre-order period (ends on Nov. 15th), we only receive orders for HwaLan 2nd Ed. "Normal Skin".

      As for HwaLan 2nd Ed. White Skin, sale schedule will be decided after the image is released officially.
      During the order period for HwaLan 2nd Ed. "White SKin," HwaLan "Normal Skin" won't be available for order.

      If you want HwaLan 2nd Ed. Normal Skin, please hurry and place an order during this pre-order period.

      Thank you!
    9. Expected Payment Date can be specified within the year of 2010.

      Just please take into account that HwaLan (2nd Ed.) is shipped according to the order payment is confirmed, not according to the placement of purchase order.