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OceanMoon 'Miko HaNee' Limited Sale

Jun 12, 2011

    1. [​IMG]

      Miko HaNee (HaNee in Miko garment, Japan's traditional Shaman Woman's garb) is on sale ;
      quantity is limited to 10, regardless of region or agency. ; from now, only 2 remains for sale.


      If you can't see Oceanmoon's website, you can send us an order via emila.
      Subject line should be read :
      [Name of the doll you are ordering/ Quantity/ Skin preference (ex: normal skin, white skin) / Any additional parts you'd like ]
      For example [ Subject: BoNee / 1 / white / round(nm)2 sharp(wt)1 ]
      As for the content of the email, we need: Name/ Address/ Telephone #/ Date of payment

      Our Paypal ID : shrclef@naver.com
      Email address : oceanmoondoll@gmail.com

      1) Price : $610.00 (+Paypal fee)

      a) Round Tip Kitten Ears (with magnets) Extra $18.00
      b) Sharp Tip Kitten Ears (with magnets) Extra $18.00

      2) Quantity : limited to 10

      3) Composition
      Head + Girl Body / Acrylic eyes 18mm(Random color) / Blanket / Box /
      Face-up / eyelashes / face protection cap / Wig / 5-pieces garment :
      Eri (Collar piece) / Hakui(Top piece) / Hibakama (Pants) / Tabi (Socks) / Chihaya (Outer-wear piece)

      ※ Please note: You will receive a pair of acrylic eyes (random color), not the glass eyes shown in the images.
      &#8251; Shoes are NOT included, and they are not for sale unless otherwise noted. </font>

      4) Shipping fee for 50cm dolls
      S-Zone1 Japan, China, HongKong : $24.00
      S-Zone4 Australia : $40.00
      S-Zone5 U.S.A : $46.00

      Zone1 Taiwan : $26.00
      Zone2 Southeast Asia : $27.00
      Zone3 Europe, Canada, New Zealand : $35.00
      * Italy is only avaialble by EMS preimum! : $50.00
      Zone4 Latin America, Africa : $47.00

      Thank you so much for your interest! :-D

      [​IMG] &#9664; View more images!
    2. [​IMG]


      Miko HaNee (White Skin) images are uploaded! :aheartbea
      There are 7 dolls left now :-)

    3. On Limited Sale of Miko HaNee : 10 Miko HaNee dolls were produced initially.

      It is not 10 for Normal Skin and White Skin each; it is 10 for Normal and White skin dolls combined.

      We are counting the number of available Miko HaNee; from now, only 7 remains for sale. ;)