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OceanMoon 'Sa-yu BoNee' Limited Sale

Feb 25, 2012

    1. [​IMG]




      Pre-order begins for Sa-yu BoNee, 50cm girls from Oceanmoon.

      Sa-yu means Immersed in thoughts.
      BoNee is Korean name of the soft inner layer of hazelnut.
      "Sa-yu" + Head Type Name = Half-closed eyed version of the head

      At this time, we accept Pre-orders for Sa-yu BoNee.
      Her sale will go on for limited time period only.

      If you can't see Oceanmoon's website, you can order via email.
      Subject line should be read :
      [Name of the doll you are ordering/ Quantity/
      Skin preference (ex: normal skin, white skin) / Any additional parts you'd like]

      For example [ Subject: Sa-yu BoNee / 1 / white / round(nm)2 sharp(wt)1 ]
      As for the content of the email, we need to know:
      Name/ Address/ Telephone # (Mandatory for EMS Shipping) / Date of payment

      Our Paypal ID & Email address : oceanmoondoll@ gmail.com

      1) Price
      (Paypal fee is already included in Price.)

      a) Sa-yu BoNee $430.00
      b) Face-up $50.00
      c) Round Tip Kitten Ears (with magnets) Extra $18.00
      d) Sharp Tip Kitten Ears (with magnets) Extra $18.00
      e) Wig $27.00
      F) Clothes (3-piece Lace set) $65.00

      2) Pre-order term: February 26th(Sun) ~ March 31th(Sat), 2012.

      3) Composition
      a) Basic composition : Head + Girl Body / Acrylic eyes 16mm(Random color) / Blanket / Box
      b) Face-up : Face-up / eyelashes / face protection cap

      Dolls shown in image have same face up, just differeint eyelashes and wigs.
      You can choose the wig & lashes when you order, of course!

      4) Shipping fee for 50cm dolls
      S-Zone1 Japan, China, HongKong : $34.00
      S-Zone4 Australia : $50.00
      S-Zone5 U.S.A : $56.00
      Zone1 Taiwan : $36.00
      Zone2 Southeast Asia : $37.00
      Zone3 Europe, Canada, New Zealand : $45.00
      * Italy is only avaialble by EMS preimum! : $60.00
      Zone4 Latin America, Africa : $57.00

      Thank you so much for your interest!:)
    2. Oceanmoon's PayPal account and Email address is merged and updated; oceanmoondoll@gmail.com

      This is the only address you need to remember! Please update Oceanmoon's previous PayPal account and Email address information.
      Thank you!
    3. Sa-yu BoNee's lace dress set is available for sale!
      3-piece set (Only 5 sets available : Sheer Slip Dress+Lace Panty+Lace Shawl)

      See Sa-yu BoNee's new girly look, with light toned eyelashes and grey-pink ombre hair!
    4. sa-yu BoNee's order period ends in 1 weeks!
      Don't let this last opportunity go by!
    5. sa-yu BoNee's order period ends in ONE day!