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Oceanmoon Sa-yu ShouRyu's sale is to end by Today!

Apr 7, 2011

    1. [​IMG]
      (Sa-yu(=Half closed eyes) ShouRyu)

      (Open-eyed ShouRyu)

      Limited Pre-order begins for Sa-yu ShouRyu, 60cm class head from Oceanmoon.

      The main concept of ShouRyu is "Roundabout, Familiar Oriental Face."
      This means ShouRyu can cover a wide range of fashion and style,
      depending upon your taste.

      It is 6 years since ShouRyu was first produced,
      and 4 years since ShouRyu Final Edition (3rd.) was
      produced after going through many several modifications.

      Your long wait is finally over.
      We present Sa-yu ShouRyu (half-closed eyes) to you.

      *** (1) ***
      Just like with HwaLan before,
      this time also, ShouRyu's sale goes on for limited time period only.

      For those of you who purchase Sa-yu ShouRyu,
      you can also order Open-eyed ShouRyu (this item is no longer available for sale otherwise).
      It is a special option open to people who order Sa-yu ShouRyu only.

      *** (2) ***
      If you have already purchased ShouRyu before from Oceanmoon,
      and decide to order Sa-yu ShouRyu now,
      we will include a small, secret, free gift in your package.

      *** (3) ***
      'The model head shown in image' which was only available to buy through Yahoo!Japan Auction:
      we open special sale of this item for any customer in the United States region.

      *** Pre-order term: ~ May 16th(Mon), 2011.


    2. Does the sale begin May 6 or is he available now? And will the price be up soon?
    3. lunar mash, this is from the Oceanmoon Website:
      I'm not clear on the sale period, though. I think it means that the order period is open now and will close around May 16th, and that they expect to begin shipping heads around May 6th, but I could be wrong.
    4. Hi,
      Details on price and other information is updated.
      For more information, please click on the link below. You can place an order right away since the price is set.


      For Sa-yu Shou-Ryu (White Skin) and Open-eyed Shou-Ryu (Normal Skin): their images will be updated in a week;
      please check back soon for them! Thank you.
    5. Open-eyed ShouRyu (NS) images are uploaded!!:D
    6. [​IMG] < CLICK!!

      Sa-yu ShouRyu (White Skin) images are uploaded!!:D
    7. Sa-yu ShouRyu's sale is to end by this coming 16th.
    8. [​IMG] <- Image click:aheartbea

      Open-eyed ShouRyu (NS) New images are uploaded!!:D