New Doll [OCEANMOON] {Yuzuki,1896} Full-set ; 26cm tiny girl

Apr 19, 2016

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      26cm tiny girl, {Yuzuki,1896} Full-set

      We thought of images and impressions from [Anne of Green Gables] to create the full-set.
      It seems Yuzuki is about to embark on a journey. ^0^

      [ Size and Color compatibility ]
      This body is compatible with Yo-SD size.
      Height 26.7 cm / Head size 6.5 inch / Eyes 14 mm

      Skin tone is similar to Volks' dolls, closer to [yellow tone].
      It is not Pureskin material; we use very stable, high quality resin.

      [ Composition ]
      Full doll(Yuzuki Head + 26cm-size Girl Body; Open-hands, fully assembled)
      Fist-hands Parts
      Face protection cap
      14mm Glass eyes(Random color)
      Sculpey for eye attachment
      Silicon pad in neck
      Wig (Choose one: Blonde/ Cream)
      5-pieces garment :
      One-piece / petticoat / knickers / socks / ribbon-pin
      Certificate of Authentication

      *Skin color shown in image is "Rosy Yellow" (former "Normal skin").
      *No magnet (to install optional parts) is embedded inside the head or body.

      *Glass-eye's color is randomly sent, and cannot be pre-specified.
      *Other items not specified in the sales post (such as the travel bag) are NOT included.

      Experience the exquisite beauty and high quality of Oceanmoon's dolls!
      Thank you so much for your interest! :aheartbea


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    2. The first Yuzuki full-set to be ordered comes at a special price of $597.00;
      (for the first one full-set only)
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    3. we will apply a discount of $100 off the regular price ($597), which makes the price $497.
      Quantity is limited to ONE, regardless of region or agency.