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OceanMoon50cm new girl Bo-nee!

Jan 5, 2010

    1. Bo-nee, 50cm new girl from Oceanmoon.


      Bo-nee is 50cm size, an unique height,
      which will fit her in between MSD and SD(and up) size dolls.

      She will be a kind big sister to MSD kids; a sweet little sister to SD size dolls.

      Bo-nee is a Korean name of the soft inner layer of hazelnut.
      Ha-nee, a sister of Bo-nee, a rather prim girl, will soon join us. Do expect another angel! :)

      view More pictures ▶http://oceanmoon.net ▶[Gallery] / [Work]

    2. When will she be available for sale?
    3. What is her head size?
    4. Height 50cm(19.68inch) / Head size 18.3cm(7.2inch) / Eyes 18mm
      (listed under First face-up for Bo-nee)
    5. is the link correct?

      oh, may be it is...but 'out of traffic' (TxT)
    6. I think they've exceeded their bandwidth allowance. Even the pic in the first post isn't showing now. It did earlier today. We'll just have to try again later or tomorrow!
    7. Is she limited? She might have to happen...
    8. Are there undressed body pics somewhere?
    9. Is the body sold separately? If so, how much? I can't tell from the website. Cheryl
    10. Special gift (limited for Pre-order sale only) will be added to Bo-nee pre-order sale.

      For everyone who places an order during this pre-order period, patterns for top & skirt as well as the fabric (random; the length of the fabric will cover about a set of clothes) will be sent as free gifts! Yes, we are too good to be true.

      And (yes, there's more) pearl headbands! Pearl headbands to the first 5 whose payments are confirmed, for free. Yes, really.



    11. Will she be available for regular sale after the Pre-Order term? I do not have the funds right now And I would like to purchase her at a later date.
    12. Will Bo-Nee's sister Ha-Nee be the same size, 50cm?
    13. Are you planning a similar sized male companion for Bo-nee?
    14. As of now, we do not have an exact date yet. It is possible we will be able to open regular sale after mid-March.
    15. It is Oceanmoon's policy to keep the head to the body for the full-bodied sets; however, we are seriously considering taking the body off the head and selling it separately. Could we ask what head will you be fitting on the body? Bo-nee is sized 50cm, and it is a rather unconventional size.

      We believe other companies' MSD-size head will probably fit, but we lack the info on the measurements (ex: measure of a doll-head from other companies) of neck, depth of the inside of the neck, etc. to say Yes or No at this time. In short, if you buy the body separately, we are not sure how you will fit the head on. If you still want to purchase the body only, after taking this into accounts, we will of course assist you as much as we can.
    16. As of now, we do not have an exact date yet. It is possible we will be able to open regular sale after mid-March. Of course, it is much better to place an order during the pre-order period since the price is lower and there are free gifts like DIY Kit.

      We wish you the best of luck during this pre-order period!
    17. Yes, Bo-nee and Ha-nee are 50cm, the same size. Details on body will show much difference: (very possibly) on bust size and hands. We are planning on a girl with round face, sleek, cat-like eyeline and a little tight-lipped; sounds very prim, oh. Please do keep your expectation high :)
    18. We can't say for sure, but we love your suggestion! If we do go on with the plan, he will be 52cm size. :)