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Oceanmoon's Final Shou-Ryu release

Jun 27, 2007

    1. Oceanmoon sent otu an email yesterday. The sales are up!

      Here is the page with the instructions to order in English.

      He's 240$ per head, 30$ per faceup, 24$ shipping in the USA and an 8$ fee if using Paypal. Oceanmoon's English is wonderful and she's absolutely the sweetest person to buy from!

      As for the body, they say he matches Volks skin perfectly and is more yellow than current/recent Luts. Size-wise, he fits SD-SD13 or similar. SD9-SD10 or smaller are not recommended.

      Good luck, everyone ^_^
    2. Are they only available for a certain time? Is there a limit on the number? I like him, but I'm not sure if I have the money right off...
    3. I don't recall anything being said about quantity or time, but I can email her back and ask for you ^_^
    4. Are there any pics of him with a faceup?
    5. Not of the new version, but on the main page of the site, you can go see many pictures of the first edition and second also. They're all quite similar, only with slightly different, more refined features than the previous.

      Personally, I can tell you that I've never seen a Shou-Ryu that wasn't drop-dead gorgeous ^_^
    6. I thought a few months ago the email I received said the third edition would be limited to 20, but I'm not 100% on that.
    7. Sounds like a reasonable number to guess at. It sure won't be much higher if it is. They seem to want to keep him fairly limited. I also highly doubt it will be a time-based thing.

      They might sell the last few on Y!J if they sit around for too long, though. And goodness knows how high THOSE will go @~@
    8. Just got an email back! Surprisingly, this is not a limited release and there is no set date as to when they will stop taking orders ^_^

    9. It says to post orders on their message board.
      If I decide to order (I can\'t make up my mind!), then do they reply on the message board, or do they send you an email?
    10. You leave a note on the messageboard and they'll confirm it either there or in an email. I'm not sure which ^_^;;
    11. So you don\'t pay until they let you know it\'s okay? Sorry for asking so many questions, I am kinda new to this, I\'ve always either ordered with a shopping cart or from someone here on DOA.
    12. They confirmed my order on the board. I also went ahead and followed the payment directions in the instructions, so my order status changed from "ordered" to "payment accepted". Now I'm waiting for the change to either "processing" or "shipped". Shipped would be good ;).