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Oceanmoon's Hui-Rang is suspended

Oct 2, 2007

    1. I wonder if anyone still remembers this, but Atelier Oceanmoon just announced that making of their new doll in design, Hui-Rang to be suspended.

      When they first revealed this boy he gathered quite a lot of attention, being rather a rare 50cm-ranged doll.
      They said they will redesign him and come back later. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

      Their statement from Oceanmoon Website ↓


      This is how he looks now. (With Miffy from my dear friend^_^)

      The differences between last postings are quite a lot; vertex is pared away, pectoral muscle is expanded, and feet are bigger by 5mm more. This will be the last of him.

      When I compared him and Hwa-Lan, the proportions of two bodies did not work together. T_T
      Hwa-Lan is in his early 20s and Hui-Rang should be 12~13, though looks like 10 or 11.

      To match that, the face needs to be a lot smaller and meticulous and the height should be shortened to 45cm.
      With that much of modification needed, it will be better to construct a whole new doll than keep fixing the existing one. orz

      Since all future dolls will be proportioned to look well and balanced with Hwa-Lan, I decided to give up Hui-Rang at this moment.

      But this doesn't mean he is really gone. He will be back with much cuter look...about 3 years from now.

      Currently I am thinking of 50cm lineups as 53cm for boys, and 51~2cm for girls.

      After finishing and releasing Hwa-Lan, I will be working on a mature girl for 62cm scale.

      I am very sorry to all those of you waiting for a 50cm little brother. But I promise! He will be back!

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