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OCs and their backgrounds

Oct 26, 2017

    1. Has anyone made an OC out of their doll? If so, have you fleshed out their background or are you still piecing it together here and there? Feel free to share their story. :)
    2. ALL my dolls are my own original characters. Now, they are all cosplayers, models & involved w/local reenactment groups & community theatre - so that means I can dress them up in most anything LOL
    3. I had an OC and I bought my doll when I noticed that they looked similar. Granted there arent that many bird oriented dolls but my point still stands.

      Bruna happens to live in a civilization across dozens of flying islands. She's a mail carrier so she has to be a pretty strong flyer. She also has to screen for dangerous things. It's a lonely and thankless job, but it has to be done.
    4. I made my veeeery first OC that I wanted as a doll after the sculpt. Now I do draw a lot so drawing said character was what motivated me to make his story which is the same story all my current dolls are in, and my future dolls will be in. Years later I still don't have him but I do have plans to get him still. What's good about making a character after a doll is that they fit the doll 100%. To me is easier to make a character after a doll instead of having a character and finding a doll for it because not always your character has already been sculpted!! Sadly, for me, I have the characters first and then choose the dolls I want, but that first character I made after the doll started it all.
    5. All of my dolls are OCs! I have two fashion-sized dolls from Dollshe, a Grant and Ausley, who are my World of Warcraft OCs from a fanfiction I'm writing (an elf and a human), and a Fairyland Feeple65 Vampire Sylvia who is my World of Darkness character from a LARP I'm part of. I have another Dollshe on the way (Amanda), to be another WoW OC, and yet another Dollshe (Arsene) that will be a canon character from WoW. So, like 80% OCs, actually :roll:

      I find it helps me stay more engaged in the hobby if I'm emotionally invested in the dolls because of the OCs they shell. I've had a few dolls that didn't have a character already attached to them, and I don't have any of those dolls anymore, so that tells you how much my OCs mean to me :sweat
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    7. Both two of my boys are OCs. They are from a novel that will be likely published in the near future, sadly in Finnish only for now. Milon (Ringdoll K) is a grumpy leader of genetically manipulated people that are called Masks by others. Their existence is not known by people. Ludvig (another Dollshe fashion Grant, yay) lives underground and is a bit hysterical about "going up". He is a pathetic liar and seemingly afraid of something.

      The novel trilogy is very little about their relationship and them, because they are not main characters. In the first book it is only revealed that these two knew each other before Milon went on to walk his own path of bloodshed. Ludvig can't stand what Milon has done, killed innocent people using his asd others' genetically manipulated powers to kill, but at the same time Ludvig misses the Milon he knew. It is stated that the two have some kind of a deal and that Milon still contacts Ludvig once in a while.

      In the second book they meet in Milon's apartment, Ludvig trying to persuade Milon to change before he does something permanent to the computer system that keeps all Masks under its control at will. Ludvig is afraid that another great war starts, like years ago, when Masks were created by humans. Back then something went wrong and the computer made all Masks slaughter 99,9% of world's population within a week.

      Ludvig and Milon were soldiers over 1000 years ago. The whole military was secretly tested to find perfect individuals to turn into Mask soldiers, and Ludvig and Milon both got chosen. They were best friends and comrades. Then, after the war everything changed. Milon got depressed and Ludvig afraid. Neither of them could forgive what humans had done to them, but Milon got further than that. He started by hunting down the remaining people responsible for his condition and went on to kill innocent in his rage.

      They slowly chose their own paths. It is to be seen in the third book, when a new war is indeed about to start, whether Milon can abandon his own pride and stop revenging and lying to himself that Masks weren't made by humans, they are gods superior to human.

      It is also hinted, in one little touch of hand when Milon and Ludvig meet to say goodbye before the second war begins, that Milon may have loved Ludvig.

      Hard to explain without including my main oc who is not shelled yet, but well I am not that fluent in explaining in English.
    8. I used to draw OCs, why I haven't come up with the idea by using my doll to build up OC :doh

      I guess I'll do it later, maybe next year
    9. All of my dolls are my OCs. Some of them were OC first and shelled as a doll, some of them were a doll I liked first then built a character around them. All of my human dolls have in depth characters with personalities, families, backgrounds, etc. My animal and fantasy creature dolls are much less in depth, usually limited to a name, birthday and very basic personality. I role play my humans, but not my pets/fantasy creatures.
    10. I actually had the characters before I found the dolls for them! One of them I didn't even intend on making into a doll until I saw someone selling a hybrid who fit his face and body PERFECTLY. I'm working on a trade for him now, but I'm so blown away by how identical the doll looked compared to the character. See for yourself!

    11. All my dolls are OCs, they're all regular folks that live in Tokyo! I have a waiter, a fashion magazine editor, college student from the countryside, model, a lolita, and a foreign exchange student.
    12. All of my dolls have OCs created based on the doll, except for a few that were based on anime characters and evolved into OCs. Some of them have more developed backstories than others. I'm writing the stories of where each of them came from and how they all ended up living together.