Update [Octarine] Gift Certificates & Cheap Shipping added

Jul 22, 2016

    1. A few improvements have been made to our website!

      1 - You can now add an Octarine Gift Certificate to your birthday or Christmas wishlist or use it to please a fellow BJD collector!
      2 - Also, if you live in Europe and only need a few small and cheap items such as headcaps, computers or eyes (anything light fitting in a bubblewrapped enveloppe), you will now be able to pick a simple unregistered mail option . The option will appear if your order complies.
      Shipping will range between 1,50€ & 3€

      3 - Loyalty points are now awarded for every order. You can then convert them into discounts for you next order!​

      And don't forget : The SHIP100 code is still in use for free shipping in Europe if you buy over 100 € of goods in stock, and the stock is getting bigger and better everyday ^^

      See you soon !

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