New Company Octarine is now an official dealer for Fantasia!

Dec 21, 2016

    1. We are glad to announce that the dolls from the company Fantasia are now part of our catalogue !


      Their 30% end of the year discount on their Elder models is also available through Octarine.
      You have until December 31st to order their "Fly me to the Moon" line of dolls, heads and bodies before they are discontinued.

      If you are looking for an hybridation : Their white and pink skin resins are similar to Volks and their natural tan skin is closer to a Iplehouse tan.

      Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question or if you wish a lay-away.


      (note : Octarine will be closed between Friday 23rd and Tuesday 27th)
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    2. Hello!
      Could you tell me if Barbara's head will ever be availiable for purchase some day? Ihadn't catch her before the NY and now I'm very sad because of it =(