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October Issue of Dollicieux is up!

Oct 18, 2005

    1. Hi all

      I just wanted to let people know the October issue of Dollicieux is now up. We have a wonderful issue featuring Vitta Vera in the Fashion File, Rachel Graves of Evenstar Designs is our special artist, we’ve announced our Dollicieux Photo Contest, we have another month of the cherry picking contest and our ghostly cover girl is Kat’s gorgeous Lilly.

      I hope you get a chance to check it out – www.dollicieux.com

      Thank you
    2. Yay! Just what I needed for my lunchtime reading! Great issue as always! :grin:
    3. Lily is soo beautiful :D wonderful job as always =) x x
    4. Fabulous issue! I really enjoy the artists' tips. Those are most helpful.
    5. OMG Lilly is to die for... how ironic that I posted about the Narin dolls becoming available again on the same day you feature one? Sign me up as an advertiser for next month : - )
      Thanks Lyssa
    6. Thank you so much everyone! I know I say it every month but we really appreciate hearing that people enjoy Dollicieux. It makes it worth it.

      Sounds great! Just email me at melissaATdollicieuxDOTcom and we can work something out. Congrats on being a distributor for such awesome dolls, they are so beautiful.

    7. awesome!!!!
    8. I love reading these articles. They just make me happy :D