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Odd Queastion - wheelchair

Jan 17, 2005

    1. But in my boy's backstory, he had gotten sick, so very sick he lost the use of his legs and required a wheelchair.

      now He's a DoD Yen. so I was wondering does anyone know where I can buy a MSD sized wheel chair.

      or even better since, my uncle owns a whole wood working shop.

      any ways I could make one. most likely of the old style. ie the ones that where mostly all wood.
    2. I make alot of props for dolls of varying sizes. And, although I have never made a wheelchair, here is how I would go about it.

      First, I would find the wheels you want to use. Then determine the size of the chair, and have your uncle make it, minus any legs. Also, have him cut grooves on the bootom frame for fitting the bar for the wheels.

      Then, I would cut a bar,heavy guage floral wire might work nicely, and attach that to the wheels, hopefully through the center of them to allow for freedom of motion. Fit a bracket on both sides, and glue into place. Then, line up the bar with the grroves in the bottom of the chair, and glue those in place.

      This will all take some engineering practice as the weight and angles of the chair, will need to be balanced againts the size and the weight of the wheels. But, I think with some experimentation, you can pull it off.
    3. *squeek*

      anyone know if that wil fit an MSD sized doll?

      ps thanks for the directions on making one, I'll be taking the ideas over to my uncle. ^_^ he's made gazebos, and rocking horses even owns a small wood working business. he's very talented.
    4. I have the old American Girl wheelchair (it's the same thing, but blue & black.) It fits Ichiikun just fine, but I'd recommend folding up the gold pillows he came with, so that he doesn't look so lost in it.
    5. Wow... would that fit an SD too??

    6. It's a little too small for SD sized dolls, since most are over 20 inches tall, and American Girls are only 18 inches. It's awkward unless you place the wheelchair on a block, or something, so that their feet can fall properly.
    7. Hmmm... i thought it might be.. Shame.

    8. I was thinking about that. or re doing the fabric in it to make teh seat fabric and the back fabric padded.
    9. I think there was a second brand available too - My Twin or something. Tom used one with his SD and it was near perfect. Too big for MSD of course.

    10. Just FYI, I think My Twinn dolls are to SD as American Girl dolls are to MSD. They're quite wide. (My little sister has one - she's huge!)
      Here is a size-comparison photo of Ichiikun (DoD Zen) and MacKenzie (a custom My Twinn doll), if that helps.
    11. Oooh, wow, AG has a new color... I have the old one, which is blue and black!
    12. My sister has one of those AG wheelchairs - I'll see if I can find it to check the size compared to SD and MSD.
    13. i'm going to be stalking this until the last day. thank you so much
    14. you can also get a wheelchair for the Sew-Able Dolls.
    15. Build-A-Bear has an eight dollar wheelchair. Might be good for SDs, as their normal chairs work really well in scale. If you have a BABW, take your doll in and ask to check. The employees will generally manage to find you a display version of whatever it is and I've never had a bad experience with my dolls in the local shop.
    16. Can someone who has the AG wheelchair take some dimension measurements please? Thank you!! :love