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Odd Sized Minis: Do you regret it?

Jul 29, 2008

  1. Yes

  2. Slightly

  3. No

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    1. The first time I saw the Narsha doll I just had to have her. Sadly this was when I just first got into BJDs... and now that I have her here of course I want to spoil her with clothes, eyes, wigs, etc... but I am finding it EXTREMELY difficult to find things that would fit her, especially shoes. The DollMore website sells things for this oddly sized doll, but most of it is sold out.

      Do you regret your purchase?
      How do you cope with finding things to fit them?
    2. I've got a Narsha. She's one of my most favourote BJDs (and I have quite a few) ... my mom sews all my BJD clothes, so there's never an issue of fit or style. :) I don't regret it at all. I never thought there'd be a market for many Narsha-sized outfits.... perhaps I should have her make some to sell.

      And you know, the longer you have the doll, the easier it will be, I think. Don't give up!

      As for shoes, I'm going to try making my Narsha some MJ's out of felt. I've got a pattern... now all I need is the time. :p
    3. I had fallen in love with Lati Green Tanned Renia, but still a little new to BJD's I read up on Lati Green's & learned that they were difficult to dress. But I really regret not getting her, I hope Lati releases more tans someday. :sweat
    4. I have Narsha too, as far as clothes go you just have to perservere, you can get things custom made for her, the talent here on DOA is amazing. Also, she fits Custom House Little Junior things, sometimes you can find those. Dolls and Friends has them??
      Also in the Marketplace under clothes do a search using "Narsha" or "Little Junior".
      PS Narsha is a lovely doll, I have had two, I sold my original regular one to my friend so I could buy my "dream doll" Black Melody Narsha, but my original is now back at my house so I can give her a new faceup! She turned the most alarming shade of lime, just on the face. They are a beautiful sculpt.
    5. She fits Tiny Betsy 14 inch clothing, and now Helen Kish came out with 14 inch sculpts and there are seamstresses on E-bay sewing for that size for the Kish girls. They were just finally released this month, so the e-bay offerings should start pouring forth.
      This size also fits Minoruworld Junior Leila:)
    6. I've got two Little Junior girls, I'm getting a Little Junior boy next month, and another Little Junior girl is on my wishlist... So no, I don't regret getting an unusual size! It *is* a bit of a hassle to get clothes, but it's not impossible.

      My girls wear Unoa or Narae tops and dresses, and some of the clothes for Corolle's "Les Cheries" fit them just fine.
    7. I have a Tae, who is differently sized to other MSD's, but I wouldn't swap him for worlds!

    8. Really? I'd be eternally grateful for some links! I can't search in the market place yet, I'm too "young" haha
    9. My Luna (dz Yume) has pretty small feet so footwear is hell to find at the moment for me.

      They're only 5cm long and 2cm wide!

      I don't regret her though, she's such a waif-life cutie :D
    10. I wish sites had better information... most don't have the dimensions. >_<
    11. I have a tiny that is an odd size, but I make my own clothing so it doesn't really matter to me. Making something myself not only feels great, but it helps me bond with her more. Even if I wasn't able to find things to purchase for her, the fact that I like her so much makes up for any problems finding wigs or clothing.

      I do have to say, though, that as my collection grows, I tend to look for dolls that can share things I already have. Not that I wouldn't get another odd sized doll again if I liked her.

      Stephanie, sometimes when a company doesn't give sizes, I'll look at the sizing on their dolls to compare with what I have. If a measurement that I need isn't listed on their website, I'll contact the company to get the measurement. Maybe that would help you some.
    12. That is a good idea. Thank you.
    13. Also the size charts here on DOA are very useful for comparison shopping.
    14. I have a customhouse mini, who is bit smaller than a Unoa but definitely not a tiny. She's absolutely gorgeous, though, and even if she has to stay forever in the outfit she came in, I don't care. Well worth it!
    15. For those of you with Narsha's, LJ, or Minoru Jr, they are in the tiny doll size chart in tiny dolls whit their info on foot size, ect. Also, Friends 2b made is great for Narsha's! I had one and loved her, and got those clothes for her, and they worked great! As for shoes, when you look up her foot size, go on ebay and there are a bunch of people selling shoes in all sizes! Good luck!
    16. My Soulkids both seem to have feet on the smaller-side than most minis apparently. They have three pairs of shoes between them, all MSD-size shoes, and they're on the large size for both! Finding good shoes is a nightmare.
    17. Well the good news is that Dollmore just released a Narsha in regular resin, and there are some cute new outfits up.
    18. Oh sweet, thanks for the info everyone!
    19. I ended up selling every one of my odd sized dolls. I had several--Liebchen, NotDoll Lucy, Soom Aren, and DIM Choesel--and the bother of finding them clothes and the fact that they never seemed to fit in right made me just put them on a shelf and leave them there. All of them were beyond beautiful but I like having just a couple sizes.
    20. Stella: They still have only one set of shoes that are sold out anyway... I found some shoes from a porcelain doll that ALMOST fit, they are a touch snug but will work for now I suppose.

      Piccakilly: I sort of want to sell mine, but at the same time I still love her... So I don't know... It sucks.