Off brand clothes sizing

Jul 19, 2018

    1. Several years ago I saw a couple of mini sized doll that were able to wear the Hogwarts uniform outfits from Tonner's 2005 Harry Potter line. The owners told me that the shoe's that came with the Tonner clothes didn't fit but the rest of them did. I'm not sure what company made the dolls, they might have been Volks. I saw in the wiki that the clothes from one of Tonner's fashion doll characters didn't fit Volks dolls. Has anybody tried something like this?
    2. Off brand/not for BJD clothes are very hit-and-miss. I've had a few Barbie Ken shirts that fit my Minifee boys, and Barbie dresses that work as tops for my very slim Doll Chateau girl. But you'd have more luck using off-brand clothes for 1/6 and smaller BJDs.
    3. The Tonner Nancy Drew line of clothes fit my Blue Fairy fine, except the shoes and hats. They are considered standard size Mini, not a slim mini.
    4. Thanks Whisper Wolf! This was what I was talking about.
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