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Update =Offical S'pore Agent= SUNNY'S WORLD& TATA'S PARADISE

Feb 17, 2009

    1. Hi everyone,
      I'm here to announce that 【SUNNY'S WORLD】& ◆◆TATA'S PARADISE◆◆ have made me their official agent in Singapore. (For Sunny's doll wigs sales on DOA, you can still get it as you do usually. It is not within my dealing area. Thank you.)
      This means that all orders, either batch or individual, have to go through me. If you contact them personally, they will ask you to contact me as well. I'm known to them as 哈尔君, the chinese characters for my nick Haerjun.

      NOTE: I'm NOT holding BATCHES or SPREES. Just that ALL orders go through me, meaning you hold your batches, then you send your orders to me and I will talk with Sunny or Tata. ^^ You can go to them directly, but they will direct you to me as well.

      NOTE 2: For batch orders, PLEASE use this template for ordering (G.O. leaders please consolidate into ONE excel): http://www.geocities.com/halkjakiko_corp/DolffieGOtemplate.xls
      This is the invoice I will sent you (simplified version of this one that I did for Bryan):

      Proof of Appointment:
      Proof of Appointment:

      As this is a sub-service under my Taobao services, the rules pertaining to my Taobao services still remains with the following changes:
    2. TO CLARIFY:

      I am agent for SINGAPORE, not for DoA. I do NOT accept ALL orders from DoA. Anyone NOT from Singapore, please do not order from me~ Thank you~~ ^_^

      I hope this will put other Tata's/Sunny's regional agents or forum agents at ease now. =3 You can continue to do your business~