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Publication Official Appology To Jpop Customers who bought DollHeart Items

Jul 3, 2010

    1. [Official Appology] To Jpop Customers who bought DollHeart Items

      First of all, this is Ms.Cholong who is mainly working to manage the Foreign Trade for DollHeart.

      I really want to make huge sorry to Jpop Customers who might ordered LD 343, YD 61, LD345, LS849, LS661, LS876.

      Actually when I organized Jpop order, I totally missed and we totally forgot to support it.

      I can tell it is not totally fault of Jpop, it was caused because I missed it.

      So sorry and I really appology my mistake officially.

      I shipped done some of items to Jpop now, and some of items will come up here(USA warehouse) very soon.

      Please email me if you are the one of the person who waited too much because of my personal mistake. I will refund the money for your ordered items amount and I will also offer the free gift directly. However your ordered items if you didn't receive yet, it will be shipped to you soon.

      Email: mscholong@dollheartusa.com
      Tell: 1-818-507-6936

      I am so sorry to make you so sad and make you so angry. However, please please forgive me and please understand it is not the fault by Jpop at all.

      I am so sorry.
      The Foreign Trade Manager of DollHeart