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Official DoA-branded Big Girl Panties

Apr 1, 2011

    1. We've had a lot of requests for more official DoA merchandise, so we've made a special limited edition design!

      Introducing the 2011 DoA Big Girl Panties!


      Have you ever felt like you needed a bit of help accepting some hobby-related frustration? Has your doll kicked you while you were trying to restring her? Are you losing in Debate? Did your doll come with unsanded seams? Is the wait time starting to get you down? Did someone merge your thread? It's time to put on your Big Girl Panties!

      This merchandise is great for your own personal collection, or as a gift to someone you think could really use them! Available in white, red, and pink on Cafepress.

      These will only be available for April 1, 2011... so get them while they're hot!
    2. Please remember that chatting is not allowed in News. A discussion thread for this limited-edition item has been started here.