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Official pics of the 2006 Hypermaniacs

Mar 25, 2006

    1. I was checking out the Hypermaniac site (as I do daily) to see whether they've restocked Nahu and Gyedo, and noticed that they've put pics of their new batch of dolls on their site. I couldn't find any other posts on DoA about it, so I'll link here:


      Not sure if this is a boy or a girl:


      Plus, a new pic of Nahu:

      And Gyedo:

      I want Gyedo so badly but he's still out of stock ;_; And the second of the 2006 batch is really calling to me, too >.< Damn Hypermaniac, for putting out such gorgeous dolls...

    2. The girls are Ishta and Skadi (yep, she's a girl!), and the mini-girl is Muse :>


      Here's a thread on Ethereal Angels about them ^-^

      Ohhh, Ishta . . . you call my name so sweetly!!

      -- A (trying to resist . . . auuughhh . . . Hyperdolly event horizon!!!)
    3. Now I heard the new girls are smaller than ksy is that correct. Ksy was SO hard to dress and find shoes for being so much larger than SD13 girls!
    4. I think they're on the same scale as Na-Hu and Gye-Do . . .so they'd be closer to SD13 size -- Na-Hu is 63cm, I think, whereas Ksy was 69cm . . . 67cm? Argh, now I can't remember. Anyway, they should be much easier to dress, although I don't know about shoes. Na-Hu wears regular SD13-sized boy shoes, FWIW.

      I can't wait for the 2006 crew to come out . . . I hope quite a few of them come home to DoA members so that I can admire them!!

      Edit: and thanks, thekittybox!! My pleasure . . . must share Hyperdolly love!! :D

      -- A :>
    5. I really like Skadi. How do you order a HM doll, anyway?
    6. Cyphermage, if you have enough for one, you're ahead of me!!

      I really can't emphasize how in love I am with my HM doll-and-a-half (since Lorelei is on a Ksy body, too) . . . as much as I adore my other dolls, the HM sculpts (especially the faces) have enchanted me completely!!

      Jibrille, when the 2006 dolls become available, they'll get a page on the "Shop" portion of the website . . . and there will be a little "Buy it Now" button on the page (I used PayPal, I think the button actually says "PayPal").

      The price on the page will be in Korean won, but the dollar price is set (it doesn't vary according to currency changes) -- Na-Hu was $800 w/face-up, even though the currency converter I used said that he should come out at about $780. Since that price includes EMS shipping, though, it worked out well ^-^


      -- A :>
    7. Are these heads only or the whole shebangabang? :?
    8. Hypermaniacs all come with both head and body =) In fact, you can't buy them separately!

      Although the poor Hypermaniac boys aren't what I'd call... complete, poor things ;)

    9. They're not available just yet =) When Hypermaniac officially releases them, they'll be listed on the 'English Shop' page of the website. At the moment, they only have the 2005 dolls listed, and they're all currently sold out, alas!

    10. To tell you the truth, it's not that noticeable -- they do have a pretty sizeable bulge, so in pants or underwear the effect is the same . . . it's just not a very detailed groin sculpt. Definitely not the same as the Volks "angel crotch," which is flat and featureless (could be girl/boy).

      When they become available, there will be a "Buy It Now" button on their individual pages in the "Shop" -- they don't have pages up for the new dolls yet. You can pay with PayPal, too :>

      -- A <3
    11. Best guess on to when they will go on sale.......like the boys did last year in the fall of 2006 so maybe after September-December of this year.
    12. how much do are hypermaniac dolls normally cost?
    13. I think they are normally 600- 800 depending on size of doll (this is only for new releases of course).

    14. Kumiho (Na-Hu) was $800 even, including shipping -- although prices may vary since each release is different (and HyperManiac is *very* different in terms of their release schedules and business practices, heh.)

      I had a perfect transaction with them, was able to pay through PayPal, ordered on 12/18/05, and received Kumiho on 2/17/06 (two months seems to be a pretty standard wait with them, as evidenced by others' experiences with previous years' releases.)

      However, as mentioned above, Kallisti had her transaction canceled after a five-month wait . . . so I'd proceed with some caution with future orders, although that may have been a So-Som-specific issue -- it's just hard to tell.

      The 2006 dolls are gorgeous, and I can't wait for them to be available and coming home to their owners!

      -- Andi <3
    15. Hypermaniac website is Up !!!! Nothing on sale for now, anyway, they're back ! ^_^
      And IMO the new website is really nice and fun !
    16. Do we have to sign in to use it? I can't remember from last time I ordered from them...
    17. No only korean people can sign in for now, us, international people, we have to use the free BBS.
    18. Ok, I posted a question on the free BBs and it seems to have been answered (1 - next to it now). My question is How do I read the response - or did they just look at my question?


      p.s Question from tracyK ishta and skadi
    19. Click on your message, write your password and ok ! ^_^
    20. Ugh! I have tried that and all I get is a comment box - no Ok. Of course, I can not log in either, so I have no idea what I am doing wrong. I did not make it secret.