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Official release -Angell Studio boy- Lucifer

Apr 14, 2008

    1. Here is a picture of the new Angell studio boy "Lucifer" i just received from one of their workers.

      I think he looks great and believe there are more dolls to be released as well as this one. They will also be changing their website and hopefully releasing new clothes.

      Dont you agree he has a wonderful face?
    2. As far as I know, Lucifer isn't new @_@ He was released along with the female doll Gabriel, and they were both taken down from the site a while ago because of copyright issues they had with Angel Sanctuary. But it looks like they have changed his clothes, and hopefully they will be re-releasing Gabriel as well!
    3. Oh..i was just talking with someone on their msn contact and they said this pic was fresh from the workshop.

    4. Strange @_@ Maybe it's a resculpt of the old Lucifer? Maybe you can ask? ^_^
    5. Just as a side note, Lucifer and Gabriel were always available for order, you just had to ask for them via email :)
    6. I am asking them..>> I'll let you know when they tell me
    7. Angell-studio-zero says:
      he is the one came with Gabriel,but at that time we hadn't put them on the official website for some reason, and now they are on sale officially

      There ya go guys...apparently he hasnt been resculpted then..o.0
    8. Awesome ^_^ Thanks for asking and clearing that up!
    9. i have head this news too,they are on sale all the time but not on official website,they have changed his style of clothing and sell him on the new website,i am waiting for the new site,this Lucifer is deadly charming!!!!!!!!I know that the owner of the company is a big fan of Angel Sanctuary,they faceup their dolls to cosplay the roles in that manga and show them on an Anime&Comic party in China,it's start from love of that manga and interesting of cosplay,but anyway they do not have copyright for they think cosplay do not need any copyright.After they knew what they had done is not correct,they had removed these two dolls from the website.But you know ,the doll cosplay of Angel Sanctuary on that party is really wonderful,especially kenda and Raziel,you won't know how beautyful Raziel is and how handsome kenda is .
    10. I have seen it before.
      And here I have another picture of LUCIFER that came from their wokers~
      I think he is beautiful~

      Here is the another photo,can you see it?
    11. *jaw drops*
      Wooow....I'm so getting me one of these guys..
      Lucifer looks beautiful XD

      I see you already have one amberring30!
    12. He's on my wishlist,no matter old one or this new one,Lucifer is always so cool
    13. aye, i might get him, after i gather my family of doll together, sadly he so beautiful but doesn't fit into any of the one i need >.>
    14. O_O dangit, im trying to save for one of my holy grail dolls and this guy pops up again? arghh.

      but wow... *oggles
    15. He is very nice looking. I might stick him on a wishlist someday.

    16. YES!I ordered him in December last year.And I received him on March 13th.I love him:)At first sight,I know he is the doll in my dream,so I order him before the official releasing him again.I can't wait!
    17. Eeeeee!
      You should post some piccies in a gallery so we can stare at him!
      :) I 'd love to see owner pics
    18. You can order him now ,but not in this new costume

      anyway it's much cheaper now
    19. I posted just now.Look at here.http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?p=3118572#post3118572

      My English isn't very fluent,so I said only a few words.If you want to know anything about him,you can PM me.I will tell you as much as I know:)
    20. amberring30- i must say, your boy is beeeeeautiful!