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oh gods please help! luts has screwed everything up!!!!

Aug 24, 2007

    1. luts currently has over a thousand dollars of my money tied up, but i have no order details. i have no transaction record, i have no NOTHING. they rejected my card initially, so i called my bank to make sure they would authorize the large deduction that ordering dolls creates, and now i have multiple confirmation emails from their payment company that says my order has been processed, but i have no order #, no details, no transaction information, no NOTHING, and they have TWICE my money.

      i've emailed them, but i really can't wait around to get this fixed, and i'm just not sure what else to do. luts is notoriously slow to respond to anything, and this is a really big damn deal. does anyone have any suggestions? i've already called my bank to get them to freeze everything so i don't get charged for a $600 order three times, but they said they CAN'T, since there are receipts and order confirmations and...something? i don't even know what's going ON, but i think luts has really just RUINED the fun of EVERYTHING for me. D:

      any help is much appreciated--i'm seriously screwed if this doesn't get fixed ASAP.
    2. Oh man, that's tough, but I'm sure things will be okay soon!

      Try posting a message on their BBS, I've heard that's the best way to get in touch with them. It sounds like they have so many more problems now that they can't accept Paypal...!

      I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!
    3. thanks. i did post to the BBS, and hopefully someone will get back to me soon; i'm just really mad and bummed and hoping things work themselves out before i have to pay rent. because if not, i'm completely buggered.
    4. Oh, man, that's horrible. I hope you get a response soon. :( Good luck!
    5. LUTS is MUCH better at answering their emails. They should get back to you sooner than they ever would on the Q&A.

      Don't worry. They will fix everything. :)
    6. Hi

      ive rung Luts before and they have a lovely woman there who speaks good english, may be worth the few $$ call.

      They were really helpful to me.
    7. thanks for the encouraging words, guys... mystical-maz, i might just give them a call if nothing has been addressed by the time i get off work tonight, thank you for the suggestion. erm...is there a menu or something where i can ask for an english-speaking person? if they were Japanese i might be able to get by with a few fumbled phrases, but i don't speak a lick of Korean... O_o
    8. I think that's a LOT of people's problems!! Korean isn't easy to learn here in the states (or at least in my experience). However, if Korea is anything like most other Countries, If you just say, 'English please?' they'll probably understand and get you someone who speaks English =)
    9. yeah, i know right? Japanese and Chinese are relatively easy to find at most colleges, but Korean is hard to track down.
    10. wooww.....that's really frustrating!
      I hope LUTS accepts PayPal soon... >.<'

      Anyway, if you receive any updates from LUTS, don't hesitate to share it with us...
    11. That sucks =[. Sorry about that, I just hope they'll start accepting paypal/
    12. Doctor F, Miakyou;

      LUTS used to accept paypal, but due to problems with it... They stopped. A LOT of BJD companies in Korea have stopped accepting paypal due to the same thing.
    13. Normally on the message boards, it takes Luts a day or night (depending where in the world you are) to respond. If they're incredibly backed up with questions, sometimes it takes two.

      Unfortunately, in my experience, over the weekends, they usually don't respond at all. I don't know if it's because they don't work over the weekends, or just don't respond to email or what, but check on Monday, and by the end of the day you should have a response.

      Wow, I really hope things work out for you. I wish Luts hadn't stopped taking Paypal. So many beautiful dolls I still wanted to buy, but now I'm afraid to try anymore. ^^;

      Although, when I ordered my first doll there, I paid through my credit card. I had to send them a scan of both the front and the back of the card, and also my drivers license. After that they accepted, and I was able to order with no problems. That was over a year ago though. O_o
    14. What about their eBay store? That still takes PayPal (I think). Has anyone had any problems ordering that way?
    15. I had heard that you can still use paypal with their ebay store but its a real pain trying to get items in stock. When I tried to get a MNF El from them last year, it took them 2 months to put up an auction for it. By then they announced the Juri 06 head and the auction ended to early to qualify so it was all a bit of a mess. Someone recommended Liria to me a while ago http://fairyland.it.to/ I think she still takes paypal.
      Anyway, good luck getting the order sorted tokage :)
    16. I think calling would be a very good idea at this point.

    17. At least Luts is for the most part caught up on the Q&A. They had been behind five pages for a while. *_*

      I hope you get things staightend out soon!
    18. They've been swamped, but the emails were getting answered quickly. They'll fix it.
    19. Well personally if you have a slow computer you could have added it more then once without realizing and not meaning to. If this is the case I doubt theres much you can do if you finished processing it. I wouldnt jump to conclusions and blame luts for this. I really doubt they could make your order charge over on purpose. I would relax a bit more and find out whats really going on.
    20. No, it's the browser one uses...it should work with all, but it doesn't and even on the ones it does work, it can screw up.