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Oh no! I did what I said I wouldn't!

Jul 22, 2009

    1. I've managed to avoid this predicament until...yesterday. D:
      I just totally fell in love with a doll that isn't the doll I was saving up for...
      ...so much in fact that I may buy her instead :o D.O.T E-an, how could you make me fall for you like that Y^Y
      Must sleep on it. Many many nights of sleeping on it lol.

      Does this happen to anyone a lot? I really only want to own one doll, is this possible? (Thinks of the Lays potato chip) MUST have willpower!!
    2. Yes, welcome to the hobby. :)
    3. I thought one was enough, only a few years ago, and now I have over 20....

      Welcome to the addiction that is BJD's

    4. Yeah, I have a wishlist of about 4 now. I keep rotating how much I need each one but I'm going to get the LEs first, for obvious reasons.
    5. Oh noes D: there is no cure but to overindulge lol. And the thirst grows! Like chocolate...or vampirism...Yikes!
    6. Oh ya, that sounds familiar ^___^.
      The thing with these dolls is that they in very many cases bring their friends and familiy and you end up with way more of them than you ever thought.
    7. I had this set list of dolls that I said I was going to buy (and I still do). But when I saw a Migidoll Ryu in the marketplace and happened to have enough money...well, he came home instead! He definitely derailed my plans, but I think he was well worth the distraction. xDD Sometimes you have to give into those impulses, and they end up being worth it!
    8. Oh yeah. THAT sounds familiar. I'm saving up for a Crobidoll currently (Lance or Ys or Nao, or Yeon-ho. I haven't decided yet. @_@) and I was "done" on my doll collection.

      I'm in biiig trouble.
    9. SO true lol. Once you let one in the door, they drag in the rest with them in a chain. Very hard to stop the flood :sweat;)
    10. I guess imulse buys are more common than I thought! This makes me feel a little better about being torn. :P
    11. lol uh oh!!
    12. Yeah..... not many people actually stick to that whole "one doll only" promise.... XD Resin is addicting, kinda like drugs, but prettier, and more expensive. ;)
    13. Ah yes, this has happened, haha.

      I had my heart set on buying Iplehouse Gentle Freezia. I even had money for her, but kept finding other dolls I liked. It come to the point where I still like her, but there are just other dolls I like better for various reasons.

      The most recent doll I've bought, a Luts Kid Delf Bory, was a doll I fell in love with. The sculpt is perfect. I was drawn to her in the way I was for my first doll and thus decided to buy her instead.

      Then recently, I started to save up for a puki, but found that I really loved the size of the Yo-SDs, and now I'm saving up for my favourite sculpt, Volks Hinaichigo, which is unfortunately a limited edition, but luckily still something I can save up for with time (my birthday in a month will help tremendously, haha).
    14. Never fear, as I have my one and only and don't plan to get any more dolls. :] My Unoa, Oko, is the only one I need and I'm happy with him. It IS possible to hold off the darling stampede of flailing wigs and resin hands!
    15. I bought one MSD girl.....then really wanted an SD boy.........then somehow, in less than a year, I ended up with 5.............and I'm asking my father for a MNF Shiwoo for my birthday.

      Welcome to Den of Angels everyone, the BJD-addicted group. XD
    16. I got my first - and only, as I thought, silly me - boy less than a year ago. Then I found out he just NEEDED to have someone to hug, and I got my second boy. Then the three of us got our girl, our cheshire cat and another boy, and now are waiting for two more to come home :)
      And I'm like... what was that?*_*
    17. When I got my first one four years ago, I thought she would be the only one...
      I now have two more, am currently waiting for one and I have a huge wish list going.
      This hobby is so absorbing.
    18. I figured after I got my BBB Apollo I would be done. Clearly that didn't happen coz I just got my little AoD LeLe after seeing him at Otakon. Now Im working on one other that the bf said I could have...the Elfdoll Hazy....yeah its like chips...you can't eat just one
    19. i got my first about 4 years ago... only planned on one.... but when we didnt bond I sold her and with in a month had 3 on the way.
    20. Oh yeah i was saving for a CP Shine, and just when i had enough to get him the SD Jinwoo stole my heart, he cost a couple hundred more and is hard to get hold of but it was worth it because everytime i see him i love him more.