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Oh no! I forget the name!

Jul 6, 2008

    1. Please move if it doesn't belong here.
      I haven't been looking for dolls in about a year,
      and I remember there was this one site with either mini-sized or tiny-sized dolls,
      they had ones with either pink, purple, or blue skin,
      wings were optional.
      Can anyone tell me what they were?
      The name was hard to pronounce...
    2. The only places I know of with those colours are Bobobie and Sleeping Elf. (Sleeping Elf's dolls are manyfactured by Bobobie)

      They are not difficult to pronounce though.

    3. I'm thinking you're refering to Bambicrony, they release limited tiny dolls in coloured resin, and they have magnetic wings available in a variety of colours.
    4. Well, I think Bambicrony's colored elves were on sale around then...they were limited, but now BC is having a new run of colored fairies^^

      I don't think that Bobobie's colored dolls were around a year ago and I'm sure that The Sleeping Elf is much younger than that. But you may want to take a look at them, they have great colored dolls and neither of them are limited (though I'm not that sure about Tinybear's little ones :sweat)