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Oink oink to all Piggy lovers

Jan 29, 2010

    1. Hi Piggylovers, gooooooooooood mooooorning

      I am Banbhan a second edition Bubu Odoroki. I have four sisters, a Puki Puki Darjeeling named Ryuu, a Bobobi doll named Roís a Fidelia Firefly named Rati and a biggggg sister Obitsu named Rana.

      My name is Banbhan is Welsh for Piggy, yeah my mom kept it simple. I hope to see a lot of friends here and before the thread got deleted let us bring it to life with a lot of boring stories or stories of boars so wake up and let us start to get out of our comfy beds and Yooooooooooooooooooooooo

    2. Hi Lilith85, do you have a BuBu too? He is so sweet

    3. An other picture of Banbhan and his family.


      Please send a lot of picture spam of your Piggy too.
    4. here's some piggy love for all of you! :aheartbea
      Happy (early) Valentines Day!


    5. There are Elfdoll piggies, Kira KIRA piggies, DollFactory Piggies, CCC Piggies.......all the aorable little piggies!!!! I love them all!
    6. tj001: I love the last pic, so adorable ^^

      RoseAnn : You should post a group photo, it'd be interesting to see the different sculpts together!

      Here is some piggy spam too :lol:


      This little pig had roast beef and this little pig had none! (inspired by the piggy nursery rhyme)
    7. OMG, tj001, those pics in the glittery heart are priceless! Very creative! Kudos! And Ebony Dragon, that nursery rhyme scene is soooo cute! Love the poor little piggy that had none gazing longingly in the window! :)

      Here's my little piggy, Finnegan (a CCC "BuBu" 1st edition), with his little piggy, Pippin....


    8. Sorry to post twice, but I have to send some spam again.


      Oh he looks still so shy.

      We need to send them on adventures.
    9. Cool - what a nifty thread! I will share my Alice Cherry Blossom Family - house in process!

      (edit) Oh a Contest! Squee! - Well then, I am posting my ShaZZHams!
      (SpHams, Posting Porcine Pics, Hamming up the place, Posting Piggies, Pic Hams, Piggie Pix - I could go on... - you know how Alice likes new clothsies!)

      Whole house, Julia, Alice, Baby Julia, and the Alice Qee's
      • x 1
    10. Please only post photos of on-topic dolls. Off topic dolls and figurines must be pictured with an on-topic doll. Qees and Julia are not on-topic.
    11. There goes my eardrum again..............Tiggy........support your Pig family they are so adorable. And I was waiting for your ....mnmnospamnmh..*_*

      Gatodelsol as soon as you are ready with the Oath at the other site please start the contest.........:D:D:D:D:D.
    12. Contest is awaiting moderator approval on the Games forum....
    13. How about some....Pigtures ....or porktraits..of them?.....Guess that is rather too simplistic?
    14. The contest is about posting an other expression instead of spam, ofcourse the best picture with the best word will win. Gatodelsol and I will decide about it. We are waiting for the approval from the moderator to open a new thread with this contest and hopefully a lot more in the future.
      Gatodelsol is in charge for the start of the contest with a great picture.
    15. okay...I will try to get them all dressed up for their Boartraits today.....little oinkies are hard to get to sit still.....
    16. Just got a message of Gatodelsol: the contest is not including pictures only suggestions sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, though at this thread we really appreciate all your great pictures.
    17. Yaaayyy!!! The contest was approved and is now posted in the games section!!


      Please start submitting entries!! (And please do read the rules and suggestions! Please make sure your suggestions don't include any reference to pigs as, well, something we eat, as anything including ham, pork, etc. will be every bit as offensive to our piggy friends as the "Sp..." word!

      Let the games begin!! :)

      P.S. Some of you have already made suggestions in posts here in this thread. You will need to "formally" submit those entries to the contest thread!
    18. Thanks for clarifying, MuJa. Now, with that said, if you want to include a picture with your contest entry(s), all the more fun, and that would be great!!! Just wanted to be clear that a picture is not required to enter!
    19. Oh yes indeed I have...all three live here in the piggy house....and they are as cute as can be.....