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Ok, I give. More Tokyo Boys questions for curious bystanders.

Aug 6, 2006

  1. Shirou & Tsukasa

  2. Shirou and Yukinojou

  3. Isao and Yukinojou

  4. Tsukasa & Yukinojou

  5. Isao, Tsukasa & Jun

  6. Isao and Jun

  7. Tsukasa and Jun

  8. Ami & Jun

  9. Yukinojou & Olivia

  10. Other

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    1. Allllllrighty~

      So ever since dollpa NY ive been becoming more and more interested in the Volks Tokyo Boys story. And apperantly theres a comic as well.

      Ive looked on google. Ive searched here. Ive read what little there is to read on the Tokyo Boys webpage thingy here http://www.volks.co.jp/en/superdollf...character.aspx

      ..and im not that much farther with my information hunt than when i began.

      So lets make a collective of Tokyo Boys stuff.

      What do you know? Have you seen those little comics? Know where to find em?

      Add your little facts to the Tokyo boys "research project"
    2. Like these~ they came from the SD perfect file DVD. And the book in Another Yourself says that the art is by Mitsuya Watabe. Are these parts of the comics that came with things like isao's wet wig and stuff?












      pardon my lovely ghetto screencaps btw :sweat
    3. oh and then there were these that somebody else here posted up a while ago~


    4. I've got to resurrect this thread, because I'm still looking to find copies/scans of Tsukasa's comic! And Jun's, if she's got one. I don't think Shiro has one. I found this thread hoping that some DOA master had already collected & archived scans of all the comics.

      Thanks to Bunnychan for scanning Yukinojo's!
      I also have Isao's, with the wet-wig-- but I don't have a scanner, otherwise I'd share.

      Does anybody have the other comics, Tsukasa's & Jun's? Or, do you know where they are archived?

      Back to the search-engines...
    5. Aimee has them archived on her site somewhere, but I've lost the exact link. I'll upload my copies. :)
    6. WAHOO! There we go!! Massive wet sticky tackleglomps for Cassiel!! :aheartbea
      Oops, sorry about the mess on your leg, there...
    7. aww, jun's comic is so cute!~~~ Her kitty misses her >_<
    8. What do you think of the Tokyo Boys Story by Volks? :)

      Especially after the release of "Another Yourself" photobook and encyclopedia that reveals more of the Tokyo Boys stories? There are numerous speculations and imagination that can be going on after reading those storis, so I wanna hear them!~

      For those who don't know, The Tokyo Boys Story consist of Tsukasa Konoe, Shirou Tachibana, Jun Tachibana, Isao Nanjou and Yukinojou Sawaragi. Currently the story is extended to LA Boys Story which also involves Olivia Morgan.

      Addition: What do you think of a Tokyo Boys Story Doujin too? I am thinking of starting one :)

      Edit: There are copyright issues with the doujin, so I will be scrapping it. However, it does not stop me from fanart-ing!~ XD

      In Volks releases, they paired up Jun with Isao. But in the stories, Tsukasa is the one that liked her, and the story emphasized that he have interacted with her too. Who is this Ami that is said to be in the story too? And from what is written, they are numerous pairing possibilities, so please let me know!~ :lol:
    9. Apologizing to BunnyChan for not noticing her thread :sweat

      From Joe's Dream Uniform.



      I seriously doubt that the default dolls have these comics. What I have seen so far is that these comics comes with their side goods, like Isao's wet wig, Tsukasa's bag pack, Jun's Komame and Joe's Gym Wear+School Uniform.

      Can anyone confirm this? I doubt that Isao and Shirou version 2 has them either!~ :o
    10. Well if the other boys are 13 how does Yukinojo fit in the pix? Isn't he 16? From his story about the Russian solider father it sounds like after he was orphaned he just wandered around?? :doh

      Was he a friend of Isao etc. when he was thirteen and then fast forward to when he is 16 and in America and then he meets Olivia?

      Have been trying for some time to peice together this story and as I do not read Japanese (althought I know to read the comix in the opposite direction of English) those comix still leave me puzzled and confused.:?
    11. Joe has an adopted family of martial art fighters, thus you see Yukinojou so muscular :)

      Yukinojou met them when he accompanied his adopted father to Japan for a tournament, which the three boys attended to watch. As indicated in the gym wear comic, they saw him training at a nearby park, so Tsukasa and Shirou were arguing whether or not it is him. Joe noticed them and approached them and thanked them for attending, so they became friends?

      The 5 of them were thirteen and Yukinojou 16 in the story.

      As time passes by, and they got really closed, Joe has to leave Japan with his father, thus in the School Uniform comic, you see them waving goodbye to him. Joe was heading for America, and there's where he meets Olivia, and starts the LA Boys Story.

      All this information comes from the "Another Yourself" Photo-Storybook" and the short chapters written in the encyclopedia that accompanies the photobook.
    12. darn. Forgot to vote for Tsukasa + shirou and can't figure out how to revote =.=

      Nyahahaha, in the end I voted for multiple pairings cos I couldn't decide ^^;;

      Tsukasa may like Jun, but she is always paired up with Isao in Volks pictures. Maybe it's because they're both Mikey's artwork.... or maybe the two are meant to be together?

      Whereas there isn't a single picture of Jun and Tsukasa together anywhere!

      Isao and Jun are even holding hands in the comic from Joe's Dream Uniform. XD
    13. Isao 2nd's story is entirely about Jun and how much he likes her.

      Jun's story says that she wishes Isao could be her brother, but doesn't elaborate on any romance between the two. She hides behind Isao when fighting with Shirou, hehe.

      And the thing about Tsukasa liking Jun is from the book, I believe.

      I think it's cute that both Tsukasa and Isao like her. :)
    14. Tsukasa's comic came with him, not with the backpack -- it was actually the sheet telling you that you could buy his backpack. I have a friend who got Isao and his wet wig both, I will ask her whether the comic came with him or with the wig. Same for Jun.
    15. Ooh... I hadn't heard of any of the above, may I ask where the info came from? Please?

      Yes, the part about Tsukasa liking Jun came from the book

      I think the comic was with the wet wig (I got both too. The wet wig is really pretty)

      And on another note I wish Volks would release Isao's private school uniform. Just hopefully not with a doll like Shirou, because I can't afford it :sweat

      How did Isao become such good friends with Tsukasa and Shirou anyways? It seems a little unusual a rich kid who goes to private school would hang out with two normal kids?

      Thanks for all the info! :) I love hearing about the Tokyo Boys!
    16. The stories for Isao, Isao 2nd and Jun are up on the Volks website, albeit in Japanese. I've translated them, I'll have it up on a website I'm building fairly soon, I'll post a link when I do. :)

      Isao 1st's story is only about a day they went to a festival together and got caught in the rain (reflects the comic, really) and doesn't mention how they met, unfortunately.
    17. Maybe Volks wants to encourage collectors to use their imagination to fill in the blanks on these stories because the more you know the more questions you have!:lol: