Old and new Lati tiny bodies.

May 5, 2018

    1. Could someone please help me understand the difference between the various versions of the Lati bodies?

      I think with the Lati whites, there are just 2 different types of bodies, the one they're using now, and the older version? And the Lati white sp? Have they redone their bodies too?

      The one I'm most confused about is the Lati yellow bodies. I've heard of version 1 and version 2 bodies, and old and new bodies. Does this mean that there are 4 different bodies?
    2. I'm pretty sure there are more than 4 different versions. It would be too much work to strip all my Latis and compare the bodies. Lati keeps changing details every now and then.
    3. Thanks for the answer, spih. So it's more confusing than I thought!
    4. I think there is only 2 types of bodies, type 1 and type 2, but they also changed the skin tone of the bodies to (the old natural skin is much whiter than the new natural skin). I can't speak for Lati white, but as far as Lati Yellow are concerned, type 1 bodies are the worst posers I know. I don't know when they skip from type 1 to type 2, though. Around 2013 I'd say?
    5. I have at least 4 different types of Lati Yellow bodies. The oldest one has single jointed elbows and knees. The next version has double jointed knees and single jointed elbows. The next version has double joints both at knees and elbows, and the knee pieces are sort of curved and feet are very small. The version after that has straight knee joints again and feet are back to the original size. I'm not sure how much Lati has changed the body construction after that change but at least they were offering the latest body both with double and single jointed elbows. I only have bodies with the double jointed elbows after they were first introduced.
    6. Lati White comes in two sizes - the basic and the special. The smaller basic is 9 cm and the taller special is 12 cm.

      The old style lati whites both took the same size head but the neck on the basic was smaller so the heads were not easily interchangeable between the two sizes of body. The special body was adorable with the cutest little belly button!

      The new style lati whites have the same size neck hole so the heads are readily interchangeable. The bodies maybe pose a bit better but in my opinion are not as cute as the original bodies, which are no longer available except on the second hand market.

      I know little about lati yellow because I put all of mine on the taller special body. I don't like the proportions of the shorter lati yellow as much. They are harder to find but that helps control my collection from growing so much :) so may not be a bad thing!